Norton 360 detects heuristic adh

I have Norton 360 on my computer and every couple of minutes it tells me that heuristic adh has been removed from computer, and computer is secure. Should i need to do anything it does tell me no action needed but i am getting worried as it keeps happening, just happened again that’s about 7 times in 15 minutes. It does say that it has been blocked when i look at details.


  1. Craig

    I keep getting the same thing it just happened about 3 days ago and till now it still comes up. Please help

  2. ellie

    The exacte same thing keeps happeneing to me!
    And only recently, maybe there has been some form of virus going around?
    I have Windows 7, do you both have this too?
    My norton 360 keeps saying “Auto-protect blocked security risk Heuristic.ADH. Your computer is secure.”
    I have been googling non stop but i havn’t found anything so far that i trust or that can help.
    When i click details>> it comes up in diffrent locations, which worries me.
    Have you guys found a way to remove it yet?
    I’ll keep googling to see if i can find one.
    Please, greatly appreiciated.

  3. chris

    OS: win 7
    AV: Norton Internet Security 2010 Version

    On computer as of
    9/29/2010 at 4:09:50 PM
    Last Used:
    9/29/2010 at 4:09:50 PM
    Startup Item: No
    Launched: No
    Many Users
    Thousands of users in the Norton Community have used this file.
    This file risk is high.
    Threat Details
    Programs that infect other programs, files, or areas of a computer by inserting themselves or attaching themselves to that medium.

    Downloaded from Not Available
    URL Not Available

    File Actions
    File: c:\users\cccc\appdata\local\temp\~os4877.tmp\rlls.dll
    File Thumbprint:

  4. Stephanie

    OMG!!! The same thing is happening to me it comes up every couple of mins. I’ve type i in on my toolbar and the results that came back makes it seem like it is not harmful. I just ran a quick scan on my computer using my Norton Anti-virus program and it found 26 risks and all of them are blocked and secured but heuristic.adh. keeps popping up i tried to go in the control panel to find the program and deleted but it keeps happening HELP!!!!!!!!

    Stephanie from Baltimore

  5. Guy

    Wow, same boat here, I have Norton Internet securiry 2009 and that virus attacks every 2 minutes, both each scan comes clean. I check mutiple site and no one can help

  6. Tommy G

    Me too – Just started a few days ago and it’s crashing my flash player as soon as it kicks in…any help much appreciated!

  7. Tommy G

    sorted – all popups gone
    http:// www. superantispyware. com/?rid=3324
    full scan
    job done
    Thank the living Jesus – he answered my prayer in less than half an hour!

  8. Tommy G
    I downloaded the free software, ran a full scan, quarantined 144 dodgy files and I haven’t had a problem since yesteray!

  9. Guy

    I downloaded iobit security 360 from iobit . com, installed it and it found 23 files infected that Norton coildn’t find. once removed, I haven’t had that problem

  10. Sharon

    I had exactly the same problem with Norton 360. They tried to assist me by upgrading to the latest program and scanning but to no avail.. In desperation stumbled upon this thread after googling for ages.. I followed Guy’s advise and downloaded iobit security from CNet’s website and ran it. It found 21 items, some with the .dll files that were causing problems and voila!! Problem seems to be fixed. No more annoying pop ups every 2 minutes in the bottom right hand of my screen!! Thanks everyone. Sanity restored….

  11. Hate Heuristic.ADH

    Try looking for the file call LRI_v0.0.2.11 because it the one that when
    deleted it make another copy of itself

  12. nick

    ive got the same prob but got fed up with it coming up so i exlued it now i am worried to

  13. nick

    hi again just update window defender and it should find some thing called perfect key-logger and remove it and if it still comes up exclude it from norton and just every now and then full system scan Ur PC
    with windows defender

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