Help me remove Seneka Rootkit

Seneka Rootkit is in my laptop which is under Windows XP pro Service Pack3 is having problems browsing security and antivirus websites. My antivirus cannot be updated and having errors when run. I try to scan using online antivirus scanner and it shows that I am infected with Seneka Rootkit. How can I get rid of this? Thanks. Seneka Rootkit I believed is similar to TDSServ Trojan identified by Symantec. According to them, it was part of rogue security application and Trojan was used to spread it on the Internet.


  1. Paranam

    I have StopZilla on my desktop. It stops Seneka Trojan when I load my computer. This is good, but every day or so Seneka tries again and is blocked. My regular AVG antivirus does not detect Seneka, nor does my Registry Mechanic.

  2. Girl

    Trying using Malwarebytes and followup with SuperAntiSpyware. They both Detected Seneka as well as Vundo and were able to remove both.

  3. Security Notice

    use AVG pro to search for root kits and use Spybot Search and Destroy File Shredder to remove all the ‘hidden’ files. It worked for me.

  4. dasnc

    ended up using a bunch to get rid of this, it’s a good one. unhackMe seemed to get things started. AVG pro after i was able to run unhackMe. Download both as 30 day demo. Then run Malwarebytes, i think pctools from google also did a good job.

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