Help me remove popup

I want to stop this pop up about virus on my computer. I have scanned my system with antivirus but nothing was found. It is very irritating. All my searches are redirected to this address. Also it displays a lot of pop-up advertisement that causes my Internet connection to slow down. There were times that my computer will hang because of advertisements.

Any idea what is this virus and how can I totally delete it from my system? I believed it was part of a video add-ons I downloaded earlier. I already removed the add-ons but sagipsul virus still remains on the computer.


  1. Andy

    I have this virus also on my computer and AVG and Norton (with jan-3-2009 updates) have not been able to find and fix this. Looks like it works in conjunction with the Vundo Trojan?

    Over 5 hours trying to fix this issue now.

  2. Tom

    Spybot S & D and StopZilla have not helped either. Still working on this one. Please post if you’ve found a solution.

  3. Zev

    I’m having this issue as well. It seems to only be activated when I bring up google in Firefox. Once activated, it will force pop-ups in IE as well. If I quit Firefox, the process stays in the background and I have to manually kill it with Task Manager. However, once I kill it the virus becomes dormant again until I go back to google in Firefox.

    Does this match the behavior you’re seeing?

  4. Tokyo

    Yes the only time it happens to me is when I go to Google but it goes away when I click to close the Window.

  5. Joseph

    Avast didn’t remove it either.

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