Help me remove KNCTR malware

I installed a program last night because I need in on my school project. I didn’t notice that KNCTR virus have slipped and install itself without taking permission from me. I have read various forums and removal suggestions but none of them is helpful.

I cannot fully perform what was recommended because KNCTR virus have disabled my task manager, registry editor, and uninstall information for this malware is nowhere to be found on my computer. Scanning the PC with several anti-virus and anti-malware tools are also insufficient. I have removed dozens of threats like trojan, virus, and adware, but KNCTR still resides on the computer.

There is no other way I can think of to remove this malware from the computer. Having no restore point for my Windows also adds to my burden. If I only have a backup, I could possibly just restored Windows to eliminate the presence of KNCTR.

Do you have any other suggestions I can take to get rid of this malicious program from my PC? I need help urgently.


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  1. Wayne

    Have you tried using Windows System Restore? This is one useful tool to restore your PC to the clean version prior to virus infection. It may only be possible however if you are doing regular backups.

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