Help in Smart HDD removal

I have been struggling with Smart HDD for almost 3 days now. I have tried several removal steps but none seems to work. I have downloaded software like Malwarebytes, Rkill, TDSSKiller, Hitman Pro but none of them seems to work with the Smart HDD infection.

This thing started after a friend of mine uses the laptop and browses a gaming web site. Right there and then, a virus scan appears. He said that he clicked on a button, which he cannot recall anymore. To my knowledge, my friend downloaded Smart HDD with that click. I just do not know why this malware was able to overcome the presence of my anti-virus program. I have an updated AVG. It did not catch the malware file so it slips into my system and install by its own.

Now that Smart HDD is eating-up my Windows and recommended tools are not working, what else should I do? I need quick response and reliable solution to my problem.
Thanks a lot.


  1. smartless

    Restart holding down F8 before new screen appears
    Choose safe mode with networking
    Restore to prior date
    I’m no techy but this worked for me

  2. team1975

    I was able to remove this virus with the help of the tool I downloaded from this link.

    However, the removal does not end there. You need to restart Windows in Safe Mode and run a scan from there. After that, I unhide all files and folder by going through this process:
    – Open Windows Explorer and click on Organize. It is located on upper left portion of the screen.
    – Choose Folder and search options. Select the tab with label View and you should now be able to select “Show hidden files, folders, or drives.” This step will allow you to view hidden items.
    – Now, to set each files and folders to previous configuration that will be visible, hover on them and right-click on your mouse. Select “Properties.” If you can see that attributes is set as hidden, remove the check. Press OK and that would make the item visible.

    On my part, after changing the attributes, all missing icons are back. Before, icons on start menu and desktop are missing.

  3. Carurry

    Hey all,

    Trying to remove smart hdd manually but I am facing problems with files.
    In I found these files:


    Another site is saying that I have to find these files:


    But I can not seem to find them…. Can anyone tell me how to find those files with names random?

  4. lodi281


    Do not attempt to remove the malware manually; I tell you, it is very complicated.

    Here is what I did to remove Smart HDD.

    First, I active the malware using this code: 15801587234612645205224631045976

    Then I was able to download Malwarebytes and install it. Off course, I also update the database. After that, I run a complete scan on my computer and it detected around eight viruses. I remove them from my computer and restart Windows.

    After the reboot, I did another scan with my antivirus program and it found a couple of Trojans.
    I let Malwarebytes to stay on my computer. Just in case it was attack again, I can just run a scan.


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