HELP! Backdoor.Win32.Bifrose.cqqy

I just clicked on a link and something popped up called Security Threat Analysis. It says that I have 5 viruses in my Shared Documents and 5 in my hard drive and that my Security was affected by the viruses. I’ve never had computer viruses before and when I press the recommended “Start Protection” button it won’t do anything and says there is some sort of problem. What do I do?

Here is a list of the viruses it says I have:
There are 4 others all starting with Win32 and I didn’t get a chance to record all that. What will these do to my computer? I downloaded a Norton free 90 day trial download and used that to check my computer and nothing came up as a risk except a couple tracking cookies that I was able to fully resolve. I’m totally confused. Please help ASAP.



  1. Kelly

    I just got the same exact thing. Did you ever figure out what this is all about?

  2. Doug

    I got the exact same thing when looking for discontinued kitchen products.

    I’m guessing that it is a scam due to the fact that:

    1) it would be impossible to really do a scan that fast
    2) my existing virus software doesn’t come up with the screens it says.
    3) some of the viruses I supposedly have target Chilean users through a tsunami alert (banker.mgb) — which I’m sure I’ve never gotten.
    4) The picture of “my computer” doesn’t match what “my computer” really looks like — different names and drive partitions.

    Just a guess — but I’m guessing the only real danger is downloading the supposed “safe security” download.

  3. Hannah

    Its a scam trust me. one way to tell is that when it scans it never goes into your computer folder it stays on the internet and with me i have windows 7 and the computer doesnt even look like that. Whatever you do don’t buy it. Its rubbish.

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