“Hacked by Mangu” appears after a request to remove Facebook timeline

My Facebook friend sends a link about “request to remove your timeline.” After I clicked on it, a virus hit my computer. The PC is now so slow. Internet is redirecting to other web sites and all my searches are hijacked. Also, there is a text that shows up frequently that tells “Hacked by Mangu.”

I asked my friend about this and she said that the link didn’t come from her. She also reveals that I sent her the same link but she refuse to open it since there is no request submitted to remove the timeline on her account.
Now, I am somehow certain that “request to remove your timeline” is a Facebook worm. Probably, “Hacked by Mangu” text is author’s way to be popular on the web. So my advice, do not click on any links that appears to be suspicious. I know that many Facebook users wanted to remove their timeline and use the site in an old-fashioned way, which is why virus makers are using this opportunity to hack innocent victim’s PC.

To end this post, please help me remove the virus. I did scan the computer with my antivirus but it didn’t go away. What are other things I should perform to remove Hacked by Mangu on my PC?


  1. alvin_so

    Try scanning the computer with Malwarebytes. This antimalware can detect threats that other security program fails to identify. Just search the web for Malwarebytes and download the tool. You need to install the program before you can use it. After installing, update the database and start running a full scan on your computer.

    I suggest that you use Internet Explorer version 8 or later. It has a filtering system that will warn you if the link you are trying to visit is harmful. Thus, it may prevent you from visiting infected web sites. This latest version of IE is also using a detection method to spot phishing web sites.

  2. Natalia

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