Google search redirect to

Hi, please help me. My PC got infected with a Trojan. All my Google search results are directed to When I visit the web site, it looks like a legitimate one. But why does Trojan hijack my browser and redirect to this site?

Kindly give me some assistance to stop this hijacker. Right now I have AVG installed but it doesn’t show any alerts of the infection. I will try to download a different antivirus program later and do another scan. I’ll post the result here. I’ll be back.


  1. Joe Smith

    Sorry, not an answer, but I ama fellow sufferer. I have tried spybot, spyhunter, sophos, malwarebytes and nothing can find it. I hope we get an answer soon; I’m thinking more and more about reformatting.

  2. turboticks

    Joe, are all your scanners updated? I am thinking of this virus as a rootkit Trojan. Therefore, if I were you, I will run a scan with TDSSKiller, Norton Power Eraser, or Avast Rootkit Remover.

    Also, try investigating your browser and look for add-ons and plug-ins that is relevant to If you find something suspicious, better deactivate those add-ons.

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