Google Redirect Virus removal please

This Google redirect virus is on my computer for almost a week now. It does not allow me to visit websites such as MSN, Google, Yahoo and many others. Each time I searched on Google and click on a search results it always sends me to an unknown website or to other search engine website. I have already scanned my computer with antivirus programs and found some Trojans, remove them successfully but the Google Redirect still persists on my computer. Please help me remove this Google redirect problem. Thanks.



  1. Jumong

    What I did when I got this was run MalwareBytes and Super Antispyware. This virus is tough and may consume so much time to remove.

  2. Hemmo

    I spent many hours and software fixes in an attempt to remove the VERY annoying and disruptive google redirect virus. I stumbled across a forum where a user was raving about Hitman Pro, available from cnet. Hitman Pro is definitely the way to go! So many other failed efforts required regedit, reinstalls etc. After installing the program, scanning, following the directions, restarting the pc several times, and testing the search engines successfully, it all seemed too easy. However, it worked so I recommend trying it for your redirections woes. Hemmo

  3. Renee Smith

    Why did my beautiful sunset disappear and now only the google sign have no right to take what I have placed as my screen and replaced it with your plain google screen! No right! If I could right now I would delete google as now you will not even let me answer you saying that there is an error—there is no error!

  4. Renee Smith

    I just posted a comment about how you dare to remove my beautiful sunset and replace it with your Google nothing. I resent how you can take away what I have chosen and replace it with your blah screen;;you have no right to do that!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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