Google redirect to hapili

Google search keeps on redirecting to hapili. Although, not at all times, there are instances that the browser will redirect to,,, and before it will proceed to I also noticed that the problem only affects browsers like Chrome and Firefox and it do not exists on Safari and Internet Explorer.

The hapili redirect may seem to block all my Windows update, including Internet Explorer. I updated IE to version 9 but after I restarted the computer, it will come back to IE8. Also, I did some cleaning like clearing cookies and history. All temp files are also deleted from my computer but the hapili redirect still persists.

Just before this thing happens, my PC was infected with zeroaccess Trojan. Do you think it has something to do with hapili. I am very sure that I have deleted the Trojan. So at this point, I am not counting on it as a source for Google redirecting to


  1. Galu

    This thing is a nightmare, it blocks access to .exe files, so it wont let you run antispyware/malware from the desktop or from windows programs. As it was said earlier, you can look for it under program files. When you find the program, (mine was listed as Internet security 2010) the files are hidden within the directory, so you have to show hidden files. You can either try and delete the directory or rename the .exe file so the program won’t start when your computer starts. Restart your computer and run your antispyware. I have malwarebytes, the spyware would not let me open an .exe from either the desktop or windows programs, but I was able to scan the directory within windows explorer with malwarebytes by right clicking the directory and clicking scan with malwarebytes.

  2. Fidelia

    For the love of God, keep writing these arciltes.

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