folder-scr file/surabaya message

Help. My folder suddenly became scr/screen saver file. there are also some folder that appears and i can’t remove it… ($recycle.bin,config.msi).. I also encounter a surabaya message at the start up… is surabaya and the changing of my folder properties have connection? Will you please give some solution about this…please…



  1. sinatra11
  2. mallik_18

    When we download the files from untrusted sites, its happens – I faced this problem 2 days back. Just open infected drive and in menu bar options select tools and click folder options, then click view option and select ‘show hidden files and folders’. Then your folders will appear in lite color, then you right click on the folder and go to properties and unselected the hidden. Leave unknown new folders i.e. System information, Recycler folders. And it is best to Copy your files into another drive and format the infected Drive.

  3. balkrishna

    help!… my start-up windows come on surbhaya virus and my PC all folder extension name has changed.and every folder open each new window so please mail me what I do?

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