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The FBI Warning that seems to be a virus just took over my computer. It locks everything and I cant find a way to fix it. It has the statement, “FBI – Your PC is blocked due to at least one of the reasons stated below.” There, it says that I have violated some copyright laws and demands for a payment of $100 through MoneyPak.

I have clear idea how I got this FBI Warning Virus. It suddenly appears after I clicked on a link found in my facebook private message. Right there, the FBI Warning virus disables all my programs and denies my access to the computer. In this situation, how can I remove this fake warning? Is there any removal tool for FBI Warning virus? I want quick and easy way to delete the malware because I am not a technical person that can follow lengthy removal steps.

Please help me.


  1. corei3

    In this procedure, you can gain access to the computer. Then, you can run a scan using any antivirus or antimalware program of your choice.

    1. Restart Windows in Safemode. You need to press F8 on the keyboard before Windows logo begins to appear. You can tap it once the computer starts, in a repeated manner.
    2. Once Window is in Safe Mode, you will see a low resolution screen. If FBI Warning virus do not appear, it means you have evade its start-up function.
    3. Go to Start > All Programs > Startup. Delete the entry that says “ctfmon” or any item similar to it.
    4. Go to Start, then type “msconfig” in the search program and files box. Then press Enter on your keyboard.
    5. System Configuration will open. Go to Startup tab. Find “ctfmon” or any similar item. Remove the check mark so that it will not load next time you run Windows.
    6. Press OK/Apply to save the current setting. After restart, scan the computer with antivirus program.

  2. BufortBlue

    Thank you corei3, although I didn’t see a program like ctfmon, I did see one in cyrillic writing and disabled it and works just fine now.

  3. securityniche

    NPE solves this problem!!! us.norton.com/support/DIY/

  4. securityniche

    FBI Moneypak Virus/ Malware/ Ransomware/ Green Dot Virus Removal Instructions:

    1) Start by shutting down your computer by holding the power button for ten seconds.
    2) As the system restarts, press F8 key twice to bring up the advanced boot options.
    3) Use the down arrow to select “Safe Mode with Networking” option.
    4) Using the browser, go to http://norton.com/npe
    5) Click the button “Download Norton Power Eraser” (this antivirus will uninstall FBI-Moneypak-Virus)
    6) Save it to the Desktop and double click icon to run the exe file
    7) Agree to the User License terms
    8) As soon as Norton Power Eraser initializes, click ‘Scan for Viruses’
    9) Let it Restart to scan
    10) Tap F8 again as the computer reboots
    11) Use the down arrow to select “Safe Mode with Networking” option again.
    12) Click Run to allow Norton Power Eraser to automatically scan.
    13) Once it finishes, you’ll see the ‘Scan Complete’ window with the results of the infected file.
    14) Click the Fix button at the bottom to remove FBI Moneypak virus, if found.
    15) It will ask you to reboot or restart your system one more time. Click Restart.
    16) When your computer reboots to normal mode, you’ll see a confirmation that NPE uninstalled the FBI Moneypak Green Dot virus.

    This Green Dot Threat guide is from http://www.norton.com

    More instructions can be found at Norton Support Portal at https://www-secure.symantec.com/norton-support/jsp/help-solutions.jsp?docid=v71075396_EndUserProfile_en_us

    Case History:
    This is a Malware or ransomware that fakes as an alert or a warning from Federal Bureau of Investigation that you are involved in illegal cyber activity and demands that you pay a fine or end up in jail.

    In other words, this computer virus claiming to be from FBI, locks your PC for a ransom!!!

    Thanks for watching PC fix video from Norton

  5. Jake T Schlenker

    my name Jake T schlenker is a FBI Agent

  6. damando

    You can also go here and follow all the info also…”http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/virus-removal/remove-fbi-anti-piracy-warning-ransomware”

  7. Tim

    Thank You Very Much, this fixed the FBI warning Malware that took over my pc.
    Great fix and easy to do, I appreciate it.

    Thanks again.

  8. Aaron

    I used norton power eraser. ( npe ) and all is good now. Lesson learned don’t. Let nephew use computer!! !!!

    Thank you – securityniche , your fix was perfect!

  9. Sixto A.

    Half that stuff doesn’t work because that’s the first thing I did when my friend showed me the virus on his computer…….But I am gonna figure it out. I think you need to boot from an external source, and run the antivirus prog. Also You can access your compromised system through DOS……SHAME ON YOU PEOPLE. Listen man. Safe mode – SCHMAFE MODE!. To fix that some company has to make a few bucks selling virus software.

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