Facebook Fake Survey 8 virus

Since I updated my Norton Antivirus, there is something strange happening on my computer. Each time I delete an email, Norton pop-ups a warning about Facebook Fake Survey 8. Additionally, this will appear when I clicked on some links on my Facebook. Norton states that “Facebook Fake Survey 8” is a virus that spreads on social networking sites. It affects most browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Internet Explorer.

If Facebook Fake Survey 8 virus affects browsers, then why I am seeing the alert whenever I am using Outlook? Please help me stop this virus or some kind of infection. Kindly tell me if there are settings I need to adjust on my Norton.


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  1. Machin Toldas

    I have almost fall into this trick. I thought the message came from Facebook. In fact, I still have a copy of the attacker’s message. Here it is:

    I am able to select from 5 different color themes and change the old blue Facebook! Choose yours now.
    (malicious link here)”

    Switch Your Facebook to 5 Different colors and themes here:
    (malicious link here)”

    By visiting those pages, attackers ask your permission to accept their program. Without your idea, this is a trick to allow their harmful program to access your profile. With that method, you are allowing them to post the same messages and links on your wall and have your friends to be another victim of this fraud. Remember the App they are using, it is called “Colors and Themes”.

    About the removal of “Facebook Fake Survey 8 virus”, it could be a false positive. Just wait for the next update for your anti-virus program.

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