enterfactory.com redirect virus

I need help. Whenever I open a new tab in Google Chrome, unknown web address will appear like hxxp://ads.alpha00001.com/cgi-bin/advert/getads.cgi?. Then it will redirect to another web site enterfactory.com or binbitcare.com. It opens pop-up ads, hijack search, and freeze the browser most of the time.

Since this thing happens, I sense that my computer’s speed is also affected. It browse slowly and after redirecting to enterfactory.com, it just hangs and everything is inoperable. At this point, I have to restart the computer.
I did run hijackthis and it found one entry:
uRunOnce: [Application Restart #0] c:\users\dell\appdata\local\google\chrome\application\chrome.exe –flag-switches-begin –flag-switches-end –restore-last-session — http://ads.alpha00001.com/cgi-bin/advert/getads.cgi?did=1398&pid=13734&resid=1625129729&srv=tuto4pc_ph_1&oc4aid2=uZXdlzFElplsuZwEjzxelzFRuwo2j1lduGFElGuZupSUupu1kzF1jGt5jm5EupaAka%3D%3D

Hijact this log was able to remove it, I supposed. But after restarting the computer, enterfactory.com will resurface and start bugging my Chrome once more. Please advise me on how to delete the virus permanently.



  1. marie

    remove all antivirus from this computer to make it safe thanks

  2. marie

    we know if we submit this you can help us thanks

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