Defense Center Virus

I have this Defense Center virus that keeps on showing warning messages on my computer. This Defense Center have disabled all my Internet connection and cannot download removal tools. I have tried manual removal and get rid of “DefCen” values on the registry and also deleted the Defense Center folder on program files. But still nothing changes.


  1. dfdfas

    Got the same thing here, downloaded like 50 programs to remove it but all failed, seems like its a new smart virus? anyways I hope someone can come with a program that gets rid of that annoying thing.

  2. Fahid098

    Me too, I got infected with this Defense Center. My system restore does not seem to work and uninstall is impossible. What I did was download malwarebytes from a clean machine. After the download I rename it to file.exe and save to usb drive. I copy it on the infected computer and install. After finishing with the installation I update the database and it finally scan and found files that were created by Defense Center virus. It removed some and left others. I did reboot the computer in safe mode and do another scan. I also scan my system with various online antivirus scanner available.

  3. Brad

    I have the same thing. I probably got infected with multiple virii, but here’s what I’ve been able to do. Note – not a computer expert. Just a decently-informed frequent user.

    To re-enable the internet, I just went to “Internet Options”, “Connections”, “LAN Connections”, and disabled the proxy server. That’s what it’s doing to ‘disable’ the internet.

    I found the program files, and I can’t seem to delete the program – mostly because it has some EXE file that is using it’s DLL – normally wouldn’t be a problem, terminate program, delete file. Easy enough. Issue is, whatever the file is, it’s named the same as some system-important EXE. My guess is lsass.exe, but I can’t be sure.

    If I could stop the EXE from accessing the DLL before startup, I could be able to delet the program. Right now I’m using Spybot, which allows you to access system processes and system startup. It’s been really helpful. If nothing else, this has been rendered very annoying (as opposed to harmful). But I’d like it gone.

    If you guys think of anything else, please let us know.

  4. DN

    I had the same thing and malware bytes was the only program that removed the virus entirely.

  5. Sandra

    I too have the “defense center” virus/worm on my laptop, I have used multiple things to try to detect it, Malware bytes, spydoctor, pareto logic anti spyware and hijack this. They all come up with nothing! This is getting really frustrating. I have went thru and deleted the defense center program files and went into the registry and found a few of them and deleted them, but it is still there. I cannot do a system restore, anytime I click on windows update it will say it cannot find the page and to check my internet connection, which is working fine. If I do make it to and download the latest updates my pc will not let me install it. If I do a search for certain files related to defense center virus on the internet it will take me to some advertisement of their choosing! Google Chrome has stopped working since I got this so I have to use Mozilla or Internet Explorer. I have tried alot of other programs to get rid of this but none of them have worked so far and I am tired of being ripped off from all these spyware sites guaranteeing me that it will get rid of it for $29.95 so I purchase it and it doesn’t!

  6. VirusFighter

    Track their transaction accounts (Virus makers). Identify them and chop their balls off

  7. DrippyHippy

    Do not….DO NOT!!! click on the uninstall.exe in the Defense Center Virus it is a trojan and will only cause further harm to your comp

  8. Dave

    I got the same thing and went to this website:


    the instructions on the website worked perfectly. Essentially, it tells you press F8 at start up and start your computer on Safe Mode w/ Networking. Once that is done, you download Malware bytes and run it. This gets rid of the Defense Center Virus. It doesn’t, however, restore the internet explorer connectivity


    I hit UNINSTALL.exe .

    I put AVAST on a stick and downloaded from another computer.

    Instead of Repair , I deleted all the problems.

    Now, none of my programs will start.

    So, I copied all my stuff on a 16-G stick and

    F-Disked my computer to get rid of everything.

    I would like to SMASH the guy who made that Virus.

  10. BB

    I have defense center which scared the crap out of me when i got it but I read online its a fake. It does turn off your fire wall and tries to delete your anti-viruses, spam protection ext. It makes small roaming viruses that spread over a short period of time plus a few major and minor viruses.Important, The defense center also installs crap onto your computer I have had a few things which do not want to repeat come up out of nowhere on my desktop(Delete theses immediately should you get them). What i have done to fix this is that I installed AVG FREE just go on there site. Defense center acts like a brick wall and tried to stop installation it took me about four or five tries to install. When I managed to get it installed I started the scanner and near the end I got about fix bugs and infections. You do not remove or delete them move them to the vault. keep doing this until there is no more infections or bugs showing up on the scanner. Be careful though because if you go to bed and have not finished scanning it the virus will spread.I have managed to finish scanning and and checking everything I still get a pop up about every 5 hours. But no more viruses right now. It worked for me maybe it will work for you. I have no clue what this does over a long period of time though seeing was figured it out this morning. Although i believe the defense center is still there it has shown no signs of activity. Remember Avg Free will not fix everything. After reading this and what I have told does not work don’t give me any flak I’m just trying to help.

  11. Kate Cambridge

    My computer was attacked by Defense Center a few months ago. I got suspicious right away because some of the popups called it “Defence Center” — the British spelling. Got uploaded several dozens of adult sites (complete with disgusting thumbnails on my desktop). Microsoft’s “Help” was no help at all. Went online and found a site that recommended purchasing and installing Spyware Doctor. I did that, but it’s almost as bad as the virus. I’m a writer, and mostly work off-line, but even so, I continually get popups telling me to reboot to “block virus attacks.” Oh, and Microsoft’s “Help”? They did eventually get back to me — three days after I bought Spyware Doctor. I told them “too little, too late.” Defense Center has been operating for over five months. Don’t you think Microsoft could have alerted its customers? But I guess Bill Gates is too busy saving the world to worry about us.

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