dalesearch.com redirect virus

My home page is now set on http://www.dalesearch.com (DaleSearch). It is an unknown search engine but was designed the same as Google. This thing begins to conquer the home page after I have downloaded and installed iLivid files. From there on, I keep seeing that my home page keeps on redirecting to dalesearch.com. It affects my browsers like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox.

I am running out of idea on how to remove dalesearch.com from my computer. The more I tried, the more it is being stubborn. One day after having the DaleSearch virus, it added a Dale Toolbar on my browser. I tried to look for add-on or plug-in relevant to Dale but I couldn’t find any. Program files is also empty on this entry.

I did try to work on system restore of Windows just to remove dalesearch.com but was not working. It restores everything to older settings but retains DaleSearch on the computer. Antivirus and adaware scans did not detect any harmful files. It founds some suspicious entity and removed it. Again, that process is useless. I need help in removing dalesearch.com virus from my computer.


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  1. Natalie

    I have this Dale Search virus on my computer. I wanted to get rid of it but when I try to search the web, there are limited results coming out. All of the links I have visited have no clear method to remove Dale Search.

    Aside from the redirect and hijacking issues, my internet browser also has this Dale Toolbar. I never installed this one. I can’t remember downloading any programs that has a Dale Toolbar in it. How does this adware gets into my PC is a big question. Please help me.

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