CyberDefender Popups Ads on My Computer

I am having these annoying CyberDefender Ads pop-ups on my laptop. The problem occurs after I accessed a link sent by a friend on Yahoo messenger. The screen suddenly goes black and the computer reboots on itself. After Windows started, the desktop started to show various messages containing different alerts saying that my computer is infected. Is CyberDefender another type of rogue application or just a legitimate application that promoted excessively? Can you please tell me how to remove it?


  1. Sly_Old_Mole

    Download free Malwarebytes & free superantispyware, update them, then re boot in safe mode & run them.

  2. Trying To Help

    try calling their technical support team at 877-377-3765

  3. Daniel Hill

    I use Cyberdefender and like it very much. I have been dealing with virus issues a lot this year, and I have tried several programs. I read some positive reviews in some of the forums and got the CyberdefenderFree. I really like the Cyberdefender interface, scan times and that it found what I knew was on the system, including several programs/viruses/trojans that some of the others (PC Tools, SuperAntiVirus and Norton) missed. I used it as a free scanner, but the free version does remove spyware and trojan, but you got to upgrade for virus. Eventually one came along, it caught it, and so I bought the upgrade. Ran Cyberdefender after the upgrade, and virus was gone (it got into my rootkit and also got the vundo virus which it took care of. I also like that the upgrade I got came with 24/7 computer help

  4. Brian

    I’m so surprised at how naive some people can be.
    Just because you feed a wolf, doesn’t make it a pet. Once a wolf, always a wolf.

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