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Hello. Today, while I was browsing the Internet, I saw a pop-up box that appears on taskbar or system tray of the screen. It is showing various web addresses like,,,,,, and There are instances that these names are hijacking my browser.

I have run virus scan using my own AVG antivirus and it founds nothing. Next, Hijackthis scan shows me the names in the results but it didn’t specify whether they are virus or some kind of malware. My last scan, I used Spybot Search and Destroy. Same as the others, the last scan did not detect any infection.
I tried manually removing the virus via MSConfig and Registry Editor but couldn’t find any doubtful entry.

In the past few days, I regularly download games and cheats. Probably I have acquired a virus from one of the file I executed. I really don’t know what to do. So, please help me remove the pop-up ads and browser redirects.



  1. JD

    I have the exact same problem. I used MalwareBytes, a Microsoft product (I don’t recall which one), and scanned using my anti-virus Microsoft Security Essentials. None of them found the problem. It is driving me freakin’ nuts. Right before it happened, Microsoft Security Essentials warned me about something that it didn’t know what it was and asked if I wanted to submit it to Microsoft Security. It looked harmless, so I said no. I wish I hadn’t. It was something to do with firefox, and it had the word cache in it. Crap, I wish I’d have submitted that info. You see, this only occurs in firefox…

  2. JD

    Holy crap, I just found the answer. Uninstall any program that has “toolbar” in the name. I had one that says it was installed in 2012, even though I only had this problem for a few days. Everywhere I googled, it seemed to say something bad about toolbars. So, I uninstalled this one from 2012, I don’t recall the name because I didn’t expect it to work, and, voilà…problem solved. This was driving me nuts for several days.

  3. Nimfa

    I am also a victim to this virus. My browser constantly redirects to random sites mentioned above. Often it is hijacked by and I brought the laptop to our office to have our IT expert look at it. He said my PC is compromised with an adware. He let me download adwcleaner and run a scan on the computer. The tool found dozens of files and registries, which I deleted. Now, my laptop is running fine. I obtain the free scanner from this link.

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