Copyright Violation Alert – Desktop Message

I got this Copyright Violation Alert full screen message on my desktop screen. Does this Copyright Violation Alert a virus or some sort of infection? If so, how can I remove it? Need help very badly.


  1. Tricia

    I also got this message. I know for certain it came from a Facebook message that my boyfriend clicked on. I need to know how to remove it. Any help would be appreciated!

  2. Tricia

    I ran a malwarebytes scan and it was definitely the koobface worm. However, since it’s so new it looks like it cannot be completely removed yet. I highly suggest running malwarebytes. You can do this by going to your task manager (CNTRL ALT DEL) then click on “Start New Task” and find your web browser (I recommend firefox). Go to and download malwarebytes and run it. For some reason, it won’t let me go directly to malwarebytes’ website so there is a way around it. Run the download and let it scan. Takes about an hour. It still didn’t completely fix the problem, but it did remove 33 bad files from the koobface worm. I’m hoping they will update the software soon so that it can in fact remove it.

    *note I am not a professional IT person, I’m just a computer tinkerer, so do all of this at your own risk. Just letting people know what worked for me so far. Thanks.

  3. Tricia

    I have successfully removed this from my computer. Honestly, the best thing you can do is a system rollback to a few days ago.

  4. Kjetil

    Tricia – Can you please explain what you mean with system roll back to a few days ago? What did you do excactly? Sorry if this is a silly question, but I need to know specifically what needs to be done.

  5. kajpatal

    Kjetil, what Tricia means is to use Windows System Restore and choose your previous clean restore points. This way, your computer settings will be return to its previously good working condition. This is applicable if you are making good restore points.

  6. Kjetil

    Kajpatal; thanks very much for the info :-)

  7. Joe

    I got the same problem but my desktop is blank and i cant go to the start up to run the system restore

  8. Sandy

    I have the same problem as Joe. The violation is taking up my desktop and I can’t go to my start up button. Is there any other way to access the restore?


  9. truong

    I got this Copyright Violation Alert full screen message on my dekstop screen. i can not login my computer. when i turn on my compuetr i only see the Copyright Violation Alert message on my computer screen.

    my question is do i have to choose a way to solve for the problum ?
    it show that i have to choose pay the money or go to court ?
    what should i do ? can anyone help ?

  10. Ben

    I also have the “copyright violation alert” scam, taking up all of the desktop background, not allowing me to do anything. I can’t access “Start” (in the bottom left) or the Internet or anything. I have the “Malwarebytes Anti-Malware” already on my computer, but again, I can’t access it or anything else. Help please?

  11. Kevin_J

    Use the key provided in the first link below when you click on the ‘Enter previously obtained code’ link on the Copyright Violation Window. This gives you access to your desktop and the you can use Malware. In my case, the ransomware disabled the malware.exe file, so you may have to go the second link and follow those instructions to get Malwarebytes to work. I did all of this in Safe Mode.



  12. Tony

    I am in the same predicament Ben is in. I’ve tried running in safe mode, last known good configuration, and even tinkered in the bios! Still to no avail! :( I am contemplating wiping the c drive. Maybe a scanning/virus fixing program on a cd or usb would work?

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