consrv.dll virus removal

I visited a website yesterday and I knew that I caught a virus. I scan the computer with Avast and it found a virus on c:\windows\system32\consrv.dll. It wanted me to remove consrv.dll since it cannot be cleaned. Is it OK to remove consrv.dll from my system?

I tried to scan my computer with Norton, Malwarebytes, SuperAntispyware but it detects nothing. I even try online virus scanning using kaspersky and trend micro but still returns zero result. It seems that only avast can identify consrv.dll. I utilized Antivir rescue CD it found three presence of virus but still consrv.dll escape the detection.

Right now, my computer will not boot. I tried to start in Safe Mode to fix the problem but it won’t allow me. What else should I do. Please advise me on how to remove this consrv.dll virus permanently.



  1. Frank

    Not directly, no. Microsoft Security Essentials flagged this file as well. It quarantined it and that worked … until I rebooted. Then BSOD. Replacing the file manually made the computer turn back on. I’m still looking for a solution. If you find one, let me know! Thanks.

  2. Jmath

    I know it’s an old trail.. just in case someone gets a search hit. This worked for me: 1. boot into recovery console 2. copy winsrv.dll consrv.dll 3. reboot into safe mode run regedit and replace all consrv by winsrv in all strings that come up

    The computer kept rebooting.. in booting to safe mode a BSOD flashed for a split second… so I made a movie of the screen by a camera froze a frame with the BSOD pointing to consrv,dll and googled that…

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