comanglia popup, virus?

Is comanglia pop-up a virus? If so how can I remove it? Aside from browser redirection, this comanglia virus have also blocked some Internet sites which I usually visits. There are also instances that I cannot to Internet and the server is down. I have run anti-virus program on my computer but was not detected anything. Please help me remove comanglia virus.


  1. timothy

    1. Press Ctrl+Alt+Del on keyboard and Task Manager will appear. Go to Process Tab.
    2. End the process that says “explore.exe” NOT the “explorer.exe”
    3. Go to Start>Search and look for files “explore.exe” NOT the “explorer.exe”
    3. Search again for file Windows “hosts” file. It should be located on “C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc”
    4. Right click and open with Notepad
    5. Delete other lines below the – localhost. Those entries might prevent you from browsing other websites.

  2. vincent

    this advice seems to be the best I have found, plus using trusted scanners. the problem is removing just the exe might cause the scanner to not detect everything. Also, I saw some guy post , ” the more I look at the microsoft security page it brings up, the more I think it’s real.” [email protected] hovering over the “download” link goes to, it is the only link without microsoft in it, and its the biggest link. Don’t click on nothin’ without hovering and seeing the URL fist.

  3. Aaron

    this works – except i didn’t see the line, so i deleted everything inside that “hosts” file and everything returned to normal (ie. i could surf the commonly visited webpages again)


    so i’ve gotten rid of the popup. But i cant seem to get in certain websites . How do i get rid of the site that directs me there . The ‘Microsoft Security’ thing. & i’ve tried doing it timothy’s way .. but i cant find explore.exe . I only see explorer.exe . So yeah , that strategy wont work for me either . :X REPLY ASAP !

  5. Andy

    I am running windowsNT and cant find the Hosts file. I got rid of the pop up, but still getr directed to the “microsoft” page instead.

  6. Aaron

    by deleting all the text in that “hosts” file, you get rid of that microsoft security thing.

    not too sure about windows NT. sorry.

  7. Pril

    I looked for but I didint see it. I also tried getting rid of everything in the hosts file like others above said they have, but it says I cant save it.

    The popups are gone, but I still cant get to google.

    Running Vista.


  8. steve

    i cant delete one file when i do the start search

    it says i need permission to access it or something

    but i skipped that and also couldnt find the part

    help appreciated

  9. Doug

    The Explore.EXE may not show up in the Task Manager process list.

    The best way to clean up the HOSTS file is to simply replace it with the original HOSTS file. This can be obtained from another machine with the same operating system.

    Also, delete the related registry entry in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SOFTWARE > Microsoft > Windows > CurrentVersion > Run.

    CAUTION: If you’re not sure how to do this, consult a professional.

  10. aaron

    i searched for the host file but couldnt find it, and i still cant surf on certain websites…..any other suggestions?

  11. aaron

    dont worry i sorted it now…..thanks for all the help

  12. Alex ocmputer gamer

    hey guys i deleted all the stuff in that folder hosts and i still getting pop ups and cant use google bacuse of the microsoft thinginy how can i get rid of it i am a XP user

  13. Richie

    Hi Alex

    Had this virus today myself. Run Task manager and stop explore.exe process. Then uninstall winrar as one of the explore.exe files is in there. Next Download:


    Run the scan and it will clean the registry and remove the other explore.exe file.

    Now clear out the hosts file and resave it. If you can’t resave you will have to boot into safe mode and then do it.

    Shout if you have more probs

  14. bobby

    same sorta thing happens to me, ive done it all and my comp has been fine but when my computers turned off and on again the virus and files are back……….any way to help me get them rid of permanantly?please.

  15. Kieran Fecowycz

    had the comanglia virus also due to downloading winrar from, now after hours of of frustration I’ve managed to clear the damn thing i think. first of all kill the process called explore.exe with your task manager then if u still have the file or files it came from delete those, mine being (winrar) after this use a spyware cleaner i used a program called ccleaner (free download) after that i went to (run) found under start menu typed regedit, now I’m in the computers registry files search for comanglia and what do u know it’s added it self deep into your registry files so clean that out reboot and your system should be clean. if this doesn’t work. then i suggest a re format (unlucky if so)
    good luck to all who have obtained this virus.

  16. chris

    I don’t know how to delete it but this might make it less annoying.
    1. When it first pops up, don’t delete it. It only is able to have 1 pop-up at a time.
    2. If you have the AIM toolbar, open a new tab and use that search. They use the google search but it doesn’t get blocked.

    Hope this works!
    I doing this right until i can find a way to delete it

  17. Taylor

    Thanks so much man comanglia is gone! I can now get on everything i want. Thanks again!!!

  18. Mark

    Hey, I am really struggling to get rid of the Comanglia pop-up Trojan. Subsequent to downloading what I believed to be a legit version of winrar I keep getting these relentless Comanglia pop-up. Aside from being highly frustrating I am obviously concerned about my computers security.

    The solutions that I seem to be finding on the Internet aren’t working for me as I don’t have the explore.exe file in my process list on task-manager. I can’t find it on my computer when I search either. I am really stuck and any help or advice would be much appreciated,

    (What does comanglia mean anyway?)

  19. MeCs

    If you don’t wanna use the complicated process, which it will not remove the whole virus, try this removal tool:

    its called spybot search and destroy, its free, i got rid of it on my work laptop, and hadn’t had a problem since.

  20. Sopos

    it is now called in the task manager 111.exe remove it

  21. ads

    thanks man i have followed the first instruction and it was deleted but didn’t reboot my PC yet i hope its dead by now.
    for some people don’t see it in the task manager should go to safe mode then try the task manager again, if you don’t see it then you can remove it from your C:\Windows\System32\explore.exe looks like winrar just delete it and go to the next step by going to C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts or copy that and paste it in your address bar and hit enter open it with notepad and remove all the lines apart from that line was mention earlier – localhost. for those people cant see that line then remove everything and add this manually – localhost on the first line and save it. remember to delete whatever caused this Trojan, in my case its winrar i downloaded from so uninstall it and restart.
    Hope that helped you guys.

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