ClickPotato Virus

I wanted to watch a movie from a website and it asked me to download ClickPotato – a movie player that is required to view movies online. But after installing ClickPotato, my computer goes wild. It also becomes slow and a bunch of pop-up advertisements is flashing on my screen. Please help me remove this ClickPotato virus. Thanks a lot.

ClickPotato Virus


  1. 21cnn

    To tell you frankyl, ClickPotato is not a virus, it is an adware program that you may download unknowingly while downloading other applications. To remove this adware, simply install and scan your computer with MBAM.

  2. o.r. kluttar

    ‘No, according to a NUMBER of web pages, the ‘ClickPotatoe Virus’ has been designated as a ‘BHO’ Browser Hijack Object. That’s an acronym for that sort of a VIRUS. Slimy, sort of cyber-boll weevil from another dimension. Could ALSO be connected to some phony AntiVirus Software;. . seems most frequently to be ‘Security Suite’. And btw, that slithery Security Suite has ALSO been designated as a fake Anti-Virus program. Blocks the exe. file from even letting the pooter user from going for their mal-ware, spybot or anti-virus programs.

    To remove this garbage from your pooter, go to the SAFE mode during the re-boot. Press the F12 key during the boot up. When you get to the screen with the choices, go for the SAFE MODE. OK, that let’s us use the operating system with no interference from the dervish-ware. Then you should have a clean file of some mal-ware;. . use a flash stick, CD, floppy or DVD that you’ve down-loaded the mal-ware onto. You could include a number of them, as they are compact.Then, when the pooter’s on SAFE MODE, up-load the mal-ware file. Then, be certain that you have a security system installed; Norton, McAfee or other, and that you enable your version of XP, 2000 or Vista for recent edifications, ie. ‘Tha [email protected]

  3. hernan

    ihear it is berygood

  4. amanda

    thanks for the info 21cnn i will try it now as i have had trouble trying to delete this after it piggybacked its way onto my laptop

  5. jaes

    it is a vius i checkedwith avg avast malwarbytes it is

  6. amin


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