Can’t remove myPCBackup malware

I considered myPCBackup as a malware or some type of virus that was installed on my computer without my request. I have myPCBackup to appear on the screen in several occasions. I have check the add/remove of Windows and could not find the program there. Running MS Security Essential didn’t find nor detect myPCBackup as a threat, so there is no way to remove it.

I have deleted the program files but it will still pop-up at times. Also, deleted file seems to reappear when I restart Windows. I am running out of patience for this myPCBackup virus. It was installed but I think developer doesn’t want to get it removed from the computer and was designed it to hide all files.

If I cannot find a way to remove this malware, or someone cannot help me with this problem, my next move is to use Windows system restore. Although, I am still not confident that doing so will remove myPCBackup. I don’t want to waste my time reinstalling all programs because my last restore point was just like a newly reformat Windows.

Please advice on what to do to completely remove myPCBackup from my computer. Removal tools and easy guide is most welcome because I am not a technical person to deal with manual removal.


  1. derek

    To uninstall myPCBackup and other hard to remove program, you can use the free version of Revo Uninstaller. Please follow this guide:

    1. Download and install Revo Uninstaller Free.

    2. Once installed, double-click the Revo Uninstaller to run the program.
    3. It will display a list of programs. Please select myPCBackup to begin the removal.
    4. When it prompts if you want to uninstall myPCBackup, click Yes.
    5. Make sure that Moderate option is selected. Click Next.
    6. Go on with the uninstall procedure until the program has searched for leftovers.
    7. Leftovers are the bold items. Tick these items and click Delete. Then follow the prompts.
    8. If it shows folders that are suspicious, better Delete them also.
    9. Click Finish once removal of myPCBackup is done.

  2. ali

    this is good,removed mypcbackup………..thanks

  3. Sarah

    It won’t uninstall :(
    It displays a message “No installation package found”. But everytime i restart my laptop, MyPC Backup dialog box pops up. it’s really getting on my nerves.

  4. Bob Forrest

    I’m a part time tech and backupmypc is still on my clients machine, the windows uninstaller is corrupt, revo uninstaller doesn’t see it , manual removal is not allowed as it is running even though I disabled it with autorun from comoro. I was doing other work so ran out of time , should I do revo in hunter mode or install it again on purpose so the uninstall might work properly?

  5. Janet Sim

    I had same problem but finally fixed it with Revo uninstaller.
    When revo opens select tools, this then shows your start up menu. (This was the only place I could see MyPCbackup)
    Untick everything EXCEPT MyPCbackup and click on remove (red X at the top)
    Hope this works for you.

  6. Janet Sim

    Sorry, select autorun manager in tools.

  7. sharyn

    mypc backup is the only thing on the main screen, cannot get to start menu, actually can’t do anything while this is on the main screen

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