Cannot download files due to Norton WS.Reputation.1

I am doing a report and wanted to download and install a program from a source web site; however, my Norton Antivirus does not allow me to. It alerts mo of WS.Reputation.1. It rejects the download and state that the file has poor reputation. There are no virus detected though. I know the owner of the web site and sure that it is a quality one and free of viruses.

Why does Norton alerts me of WS.Reputation.1 when I am trying to download the file. What are the ways or procedures I can take to bypass Norton detection process and allow the file to be installed on my computer? Your help will be highly appreaciated.



  1. 1stpete

    WS.Reputation.1 is suspicious behavior detection from Norton products. The company is accepting files to exclude it from the false detection.

    If you are sure that the file is clean and needed, you can follow these steps to bypass Norton’s WS.Reputation.1 detection.

    1. Open your Norton Antivirus program.
    2. Go to Task > Check Security History.
    3. Select the Quarantine from the drop-down menu.
    4. You will see the affected file listed in there. Restore it and exclude from future scans. It is all there in the Options.

    Hope this solution works for you.

  2. Michael Lagow

    I download 4 aircraft from PMDG and all 4 got flagged with WS.REPUTATION.1, two were quarantined and two were removed. I remove the 2 from quarantine, but the other 2 will not extract and are always deleted.

    Please set it to ask as I know these are safe.

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