can not find script file VirusCleaner.vbe

Every now and then a Windows Script Host pop-up with message ” Cannot find script file “C:\Windows\System32\VirusCleaner.vbe” appears on my computer. I know that VirusCleaner is a rogue program. Is it related to my current problem? I was never got infected with the fake AV so how this I obtained the .VBE virus?

My computer is protected by antivirus program called Avast. Never did it alarm me of any virus infection. I also do not visit adult web sites so what are the chances that I did catch the rogue software. Please help me find a solution to resolve this VBE issue. Its causing so much annoyances on my computer. Thanks for all those who are willing to help.


  1. Bikram

    There wasn’t any file on my computer but was stil showing “C:\WINDOWS\system32\VirusCleaner.vbe”. I created a notepad file named “Virouscleaner” and change the extension “*.txt” to *.vbe* that does not have anything written in it. I placed this file at the above location and restarted my computer and Done!

  2. BUNTY

    this message always displays when I start the computer & tell me how I remove this.



    Hi, Still i am not found the virus in my laptop.Plz. give the solution.I only remove the windows title name .When i logged in it wil displayed the msg. c:windowssystem32rahul’svirusprotection.vbe.

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