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Virus or some kind of malware has gotten over my computer. PC is running under Windows 7. Since last night, I am experiencing some troubles browsing the web. Sometimes, it takes time before the page begins to load. This morning, while surfing the Internet, my Internet Explorer keeps on redirecting to various web address, particularly to I know that these browser hijackers are part of adware. But how does it get inside my computer when I have AVG antivirus installed?

I have run a scan on my computer. After testing the system for almost an hour, antivirus just reported that my PC is clean. There were no traces of redirect infection. What else should I do to fix this very annoying problem? I am hoping to get answers sooner.


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  1. non-tech

    Hello fallguy,

    As far as I know, redirect is not just as simple adware infection. We have this virus on one of office computer last month. No matter what antivirus we use, the browser keeps on redirecting to Until one time, our network admin tries to scan the computer and diagnose it. He found out that certain Rootkit Trojan is also present.

    He used TDSSKiller and rootkit was gone. Since the removal of this Trojan, no more signs of redirect. Try scanning your PC with rootkit remover of your choice; however, I still suggest using the same software like we did.

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