bad computer – bootmgr is corrupt

My computer apparently got a virus and it has crashed i have tried restarting in safe mode and every other mode. I also have tried windows defender offline the computer has told me I am missing the file windows/systems32/config/system, it has also told me load needed dlls for hal now its telling me my bootmgr is corrupt and the system cannot reboot. so what can I do, I can’t find my reboot cd and even if I do will that work? Please help!

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  1. muchai

    If your boot manager is corrupt, it simply means that either you have a boot virus or your hard drive is damaged. Are you hearing any noise on the hard drive?

    For boot virus, you can try Kasperky USB Bootable scan. This scanner will boot the computer using your USB device. However, you need to create this bootable disk on other machine.

    If that didn’t work, I suggest you need to find your Windows boot CD and repair it from there. Worst, you can reformat the computer without the boot CD if there is a recovery program included on other partition of your drive. Please refer to your PC’s manual.

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