Backdoor.Win64.Zaccess Removal

Hi, a Trojan struck my computer and AVG detected it as Backdoor.Win64.Zaccess. I notice this few days back when my laptop starts getting so slow to the point that it will stop on responding. If that happens, I have to reset the system to refresh it. I downloaded AVG free version and start scanning the computer. It founds a couple of Backdoor.Win64.Zaccess under my Windows folder and shows me the result that it is deleted. However, when I turned off the computer and on again, the Trojan is still there. AVG will do the same thing.

I am hoping that someone might be able refer a good antivirus program so that I can permanently remove Backdoor.Win64.ZAccess. My computer is really so slow with the presence of this Trojan. I browse the web for this type of threat but found nothing.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. goodplack

    Zeroacess is a rootkit Trojan, therefore you need a tool that can disinfect this particular Trojan. I know several antivirus vendors that offers free download of rootkit remover. Some I would love to recommend are TDSSKiller, Norton Power Eraser, and aswMBR. These are legitimate programs. You can search the web for these terms and download them from official web site.

    Once you have the file. Scan your computer. Two of these programs will automatically scan the system for rootkit, except NPE. You need mark ‘Include rootkit scan’ in order for the program to remove this particular Trojan.
    There is no harm if you will try all of the software. Just use them one at a time.

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