AVASoft Antivirus Professional Activation Code

Hi, my computer is currently infected with AVASoft Antivirus Professional malware. I cannot use it anymore since the virus has locked it. I cannot connect to Internet either to download removal tool. Also, I found that the malware have disabled my anti-virus program, so, there is no way to run any kind of scan on this computer.

I may have obtained AVASoft Antivirus Professional after installing a Java update that is flashing on my Windows taskbar. I thought it was a legitimate update. However, after loading it, my PC started to slow down. Then, all my program closes one at a time. Few seconds more, my computer restarts on its own. After boot-up, I can see that AVASoft Antivirus Professional is running a scan and prompts that I have infected files. When I try to fix them, it asked me for the registration code, which I can only have after paying using my credit card. This virus cannot fool me.

I wanted to get rid of this malware by running its full version. Thus, I need the activation code for AVASoft Antivirus Professional. I am sure that once it is activated, I can get back access to files and Internet. If you have other great solutions, just let me know.



  1. girbi

    AVASoft Antivirus Professional is the most recent version of Winwebsec family of malware. Other previous variants, carries the same code so a single activation number can be used to run them in full version. Try these one – AA39754E-715219CE


  2. RobC

    First and foremost, this application is a virus, it is a completely fake program and any results you see on the screen are also fake. Don’t try and input your credit cards into it and don’t try and activate it, I’d be surprised if any activation code at all actually worked and will only keep the program on your PC, most likely still demanding credit card details. Your safest bet would be either to have the virus professionally removed, (any computer shop can do this for you at around £20-£40 dependent on where you go), or try the self help guide on the link below if you feel comfortable in doing this yourself, and id recommend disconnecting your PC from the internet whilst you sort this out, the program can send data back to its creator as and when it pleases.

    Hope that helps mate.

  3. mwauson

    you saved the day!!!! :))

  4. Craig

    Just tried it and it worked, thanks for the help.

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