AlphaAV virus removal, ALPHA AV infected my computer

Hi, recently I have been infected with AplhaAV. I have windows popups about ALPHA AV and my antivirus program is not working anymore. If I try to scan it is giving me an error and won’t start.
Need help in removing this AlphaAV virus on my computer. I can’t use it anymore. Thanks a lot.



  1. d wilkinson

    had the same problem. Norton wanted 70 or 114 pounds to remove it. Luckily I got cover with my computer from Currys. They told me to download Spybot from safe networking. Its free but you may have to load it on another machine if the alpha virus has blocked your browser. Just load it on a pen drive then run as an administrator. You do that by right clicking and selecting run as administrator. It will take it off.

  2. alpha av removal

    i was able to successfully remove it by restoring my computer to an earlier time.

  3. Randy

    I managed to get Superantispyware
    on and up. Took about a half-hour on full scan but removed the three Apha AVS that popped up. I wish I could get this out to more.

  4. perrymoda

    d wilkinson, thanks the solution works.

  5. Daniela

    Please Can sb tell me which program do I have to use to delete this Alpha Virus and why is it in my Laptop?
    Is it connected with a web site in particular?

  6. luke

    iv read alot of solutions on the internet, i got it through a face book application… and now i can’t even get on the internet on my laptop, and when i did it wouldn’t let me get on many websites.. its truely annoyin..

  7. nintendo ds r4 carta

    Hi cathyko,
    I read this information about the AlphaAV virus removal, ALPHA AV infected my computer. it is nice information. I want more information about this. Thanks…

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