All files renamed to .POSHCODER by a virus

I have a slightly new laptop. It is operating under Windows 7 64bit. I was supposed to install a trial program downloaded from the Internet but on the middle of the process, antivirus program send an alert stating that my computer is infected with virus.

The security programs identified many files that were compromised. Upon looking at the files using Windows Explorer, I noticed that most of the files are now renamed with .POSHCODER extension. I am presently puzzled with this virus. The .POSHCODER virus may have come with the program I am installing. It is frustrating because I even run a scan on the file before I loaded it into the PC. How come that my antivirus program didn’t detect any threats, it just alarmed me when the POSHCODER virus manages to enter into the PC.

I am running system restore almost every two weeks so I used this feature thinking that it can solve the problems but it is almost useless. Maybe it has restored some files from backup but my documents, images, music, and so on was still under the control of POSHCODER malware.

Please tell me how to remove this kind of virus. Any tools you can recommend to eliminate this thing from the computer and replace .POSHCODER as extension?


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  1. johanes

    Files on my computer were also affected by this POSHCODER virus. I don’t know what to do and software to use in order to get rid of it. Please help me.

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