redirect virus

I just came across with redirect virus, which affects some web sites I am trying to visit. I think it tries to redirect web site traffic to play store to download candy crash saga. Running a virus scan on the device doesn’t detect the virus so I really don’t know what to do know. My browser is Google Chrome running on Android.

This problem will run after loading a page. No matter what web site I visited, it will redirect to and opening another window of app store. Even my email is somehow affected. Any links of the email that needs to open a browser window also exhibit the same problem. This redirect kind of thing is everywhere.

How can I remove this redirect? It is very annoying. I just hope someone from this forum comes up with a useful solution. Right now, I cannot use my device for browsing. I am joining this forum through a laptop. Please help.

Waiting for answers,


  1. meelee

    Just found this new thread.

    Anyway, I am having the hijacking issue. It pop-ups every now and then when I am browsing the web using Safari. It think the pop-up appears around every 3 or 5 minutes.

    While viewing some online videos, virus will shut down the movie and redirect the existing window to candy crash saga in app store. If using Android devices, it will deliver Google Play promoting the same app.

  2. Stephen

    I’m with ya, this adtrack garbage redirects me every time on my iPhone, and it’s driving me crazy. Whoever runs this should be hung!

  3. Ray

    same here! I am EXTREMELY careful with my smartphone, and somehow this got on my phone!
    someone has to know how to get rid of it!
    I will keep looking and save this page!

  4. Ray

    it’s from
    go to that website, contact us, and send them a nasty email!
    it’s what I did!
    they are international but based out of norway?

  5. Dennis

    I had the same problem for nearly a week on my android device. Finally found solution by going into manage apps and uninstalling an app called “network” with green bars. I also cleared all cache, form data and history in my browser and then shutdown my phone. So far so good.

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