[email protected] infected with Win32:Trojan-gen

Good day guys,

My computer is experiencing great trouble similar with other people. Win32:Trojan-gen is identified by my antivirus on [email protected] Actually, there are two files affected. My AV program keeps on detecting this file every 10 minutes or so.

Before this problem occurs, I am browsing the Internet and reading some articles from CNN, BBC, and other news web site. I also did made a visit to Facebook and chat over Yahoo messenger. While doing these things at multi-tasking environment, my antirust appears and detects the following viruses:

Win32:Trojan-gen infects C:\Windows\Installer\{20e98f54-9cvbcde-82-08ce-03b6cbd5321q}\U\[email protected]
Win32:Trojan-gen infects C:\Windows\Installer\{20e98f54-9cvb-82-08ce-03b6cbd5321q}\U\[email protected]

I tried to look for the file but I cannot find it. I also run a comprehensive virus scan on my computer and the two Trojan was caught but no actions were carried out. I believe the antivirus crashes in the middle of the removal process.

Please help me get rid of the threat. Kindly suggest a good removal tool to fix the issue on [email protected]

Thanks in advance


  1. Chris

    Me too. Started with the same file names in exactly the same locations as yours. Ran PC Tools Spyware Doctor™ with AntiVirus, which found and ‘cleaned’ them. Now they are in a different location Documents and Settings\Local, but the AV program blocks them, hopefully that prevents them from doing anything. I’d feel safer if I could figure out how to remove them completely.

  2. jervis

    Chris, PC Toos I believe is a PAID program but despite of that I found it ineffective. I’ll rather use free programs like SuperAntispyware and Malwarebytes Anti-malware. At least, no money is wasted if Win32:Trojan-gen was not completely removed. Also, for this kind of threat, rootkit remover are the most required. There are programs like TDSSKiller from Kaspersky and ASWmbr from Avast. These programs are helpful in cleaning [email protected], [email protected], and other similar infected items.

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