Is Project Free TV safe? (2019 Update)

My friends are using online site to watch free TV. In particular, they refer a site called Project Free TV. I am worried that I might catch a virus from this site because some says it is harmful. My friends told me that the site is safe and they have been watching free movies and tv shows from Project Free TV Safe for a year now without getting any suspicious activity.

Anyone here tried the service from Project Free TV? Is it really safe or should I keep my computer away from the site to make it virus-free? Any suggestion is highly appreciated.



  1. nichole

    I have never downloaded anything form the site, but I do watch most of my tv shows on there. I work a lot and can’t watch them when they air. I have never had anything happen to my computer from watching stuff on here. Hope this helps

  2. Lauren

    dont. download. from. illegal. websites.

    just watch the videos by streaming them. There’s so many fake ads you may have clicked a virus link.

  3. Jamila

    Watching from Project Free TV is really no charge. However, downloading any files they prompt would load software into your computer that some says are adware. This software is not harmful. However, it may cause disturbance on the system like pop-up ads and browser redirection.

    To answer your question, Project Free TV is safe. Just avoid pop-up links or prompts telling you to download software. You may also activate pop-up blocker from your Internet browser to be safe.

  4. barbara


  5. bob

    YES! you will get viruses, you must have great protection. check norton website Exploit toolkit website 4. it attacks all the time just going to the site and moving through the site. Be Careful!

  6. Beatrice

    I used project free tv and yes it is dangerous. I got a virus from it and it is the conduit virus. It starts making the stream on your video go really slow and then pops up fake ads to update your flash player. At first I didn’t click on them but then thought maybe it was legitimate. I then got hijacked by the conduit which takes over your internet explorer homepage and changes it from whatever you have set it to to their page and has pop ups. The virus was easy to remove but now I don’t trust project free tv. I was my stupid fault for believing the “flash player” pop up but…

  7. dan

    OK, So My Norton also detected a virus from this site so I went to their Facebook page and sent them a message hoping they would clean it out, they deleted my comment and blocked me from making any more comments….Needless to say I was very disapointed with them.

  8. Day

    Hi Beatrice. May i ask for the steps how you were able to remove the virus? Thanks so much!

  9. carol ross mccarty

    My project free tv won’t load anything and i’ve just changed my password and still nothing. Can you reset it from your end?

  10. karen

    The site is asking me to validate my email address with a credit card. is this something I should have to do?


  11. Dana


    Why would Project Free TV requires a credit card just to validate email address? That’s something fishy. If you really need the service, why don’t you just submit a fake credit card account?

  12. Wise

    One thing I did forget to add, is that you do not have to pay to watch anything. Also there is several links to an episode or the movie you are watching. Read some of the names of the links because some will say Putlocker, Sockshare, Gorilla HD, etc. Some links run better than others and will render better.

    Side Note: Render just means the the little bar at the bottom of the video next to the play button, is loading your show/movie.

    I personally click on the links Putlocker and Sockshare as they run better for me. I use Gorilla HD if I cannot find the other two links.

    Side Note: If the video part of the page is black or isn’t loading, just reload the page. If that doesn’t work, click on another link until your video pops up.

    Hope that helps,


  13. Brian Allison

    Is anybody else having problems connecting to PF TV?
    All I get is… “Firefox can’t establish a connection to the server at
    Tried other browsers but showing the same errors.

    Please help!

  14. John

    I have been using Project TV almost every day and it is great and safe

  15. Joey

    Hey everyone, I wouldn’t use this site as it contains a virus even before clicking on a link. The best solution is to just use YouTube and type in the episode. Hope this helps. Remember if you don’t want a virus, don’t use PF TV!

  16. Victor

    This website is completely safe as long as you know where you are clicking!. I’m using Google chrome as a browser and I have downloaded “AdBlock” and it will get rid of all the adds of any website so you can just watch any videos without been interrupted with any adds.

    Good luck!

  17. dakoda

    it’s safe if you don’t download anything and close the pop up immediately, also some virus protection just in case will help. to play a video try pressing the play in the corner of the screen and nothing else

  18. Merav

    It depends. 99% of the time it’s safe. Sometimes people attach viruses to the site. IF your antivirus says it’s not safe, go out and come back next week after it has been cleaned. I have been watching TV shows for about a year and haven’t gotten a virus yet.

  19. Raven

    Yes! It is safe I’ve been watching things on there for almost a year, and no virus has come.

    But don’t download anything that may cause a virus to join you computer.

  20. Mary

    My antivirus program pops up and says its a malicious site and will not let me go to it.

  21. LT_specter85

    Hey all. just want you to know, if you use the internet, in any case may it be Downloading, chating, or streaming you can always get a virus, it’s just the way it is. If you leave open ports on you’re desktop ( i.e. Internet explorer, Chrome, Firefox, ect ) you’re computer will be in constant communication with the server you’re connected to, and internet. the only way not to get virus’s is never hook up to the net or copy anything from disk medium. NO Anti-virus programs are 100%…ever! I recommend using Avast Free Anti-virus if you cant afford to purchase one. If you can Pay for Avast, I’ve been running the free version for 3 years now and no problems.

  22. Fred

    STAY AWAY from Project Free TV, it is NOT safe. I used this site for over a year with my pop-up blocker ON and it has SUDDENLY managed to break through my pop-up blocker and I have SUDDENLY received Trojans. I have NEVER clicked anything on this site except for the links to video. Now when I click a link (for example Gorillavid) I get ads. Project Free TV has always been very dodgy and tempermental (some of the links like potlucker, sockshare etc, suddenly stopped working for me saying “video unavailable” on the screen). Despite a clean, secure computer with AdBlock, and pop-blocker ON, Project Free TV is still managing to get through. I’m not going back.

  23. Victoria

    I love Project Free TV, and have used it for years. Unfortunately, just last week, it brought the wrath of the dreaded FBI/Moneypak/Ransom virus upon my head and I had to have a major computer makeover because of it. I have a friend who’s been an IT guy for years and he’s fixed every problem I’ve ever had; it had him stumped for hours. Now I’m scared to go back to the site for fear it will rear it’s ugly head again, which is quite sad because I was really getting into Game of Thrones…

  24. Victoria

    Oh, and I had clicked on none of the ads nor downloaded anything…I was a few minutes into an episode and then…blammo.

  25. M_M_R

    mke sure you go to the right site hxxp:// is NOT correct

  26. M_M_R

    Project Free TV Disclaimer
    The author is not responsible for any contents linked or referred to from his pages – If any damage occurs by the use of information presented there, only the author of the respective pages might be liable, not the one who has linked to these pages.
    Project Free TV doesn’t host any content

    All Project Free TV does is link or embed content that was uploaded to popular Online Video hosting sites like / / / Google Video. All youtube/veoh/megavideo/googlevideo users signed a contract with the sites when they set up their accounts which forces them not to upload illegal content. By clicking on any Links to videos while surfing on Project Free TV you watch content hosted on third parties and Project Free TV can’t take the responsibility for any content hosted on other sites.

    We do not upload any videos nor do we know who and where videos are coming from. We do not promote any illegal conduct of any kind. Links to the videos are submitted by users and managed by users.

    SO in other words be carefull which link you watch because it can be hosted on a site that IS a virus.

  27. Shae517

    I have used PTV for a year at least and I only once got a virus. It was recently. I installed Malwarebytes Pro Trial version and it found the virus and removed it. Now PTV is working fine again. I use Avast Free as my antivirus and it has always blocked any potential virus or malware from getting into my computer until this one. It was a Trojan. It took me a couple of days to figure out that I had a virus too, but with my programs loading very slowly and lots of them not even opening I decided to run the Malwarebytes and sure enough it found the virus. PTV is most always a great site and I watch it daily. Just be careful to only click on the skip ad and watch video box and immediately close any pop ups like that VUSE thing and all of the electronic cig ads. I got that stupid conduit search crap from Bittorrent and that tool bar does not want to leave, so beware with Bittorrent.

  28. Phoebe Alexander

    I have actually taken to watching my shows on project free tv rather than on the television. It’s a perfectly safe site and so far nothing has gone wrong with my computer.

  29. Pete

    Don’t download or watch anything!! I got a virus from watching a JOEY episode. After three days, a small ink looking stain started to appear on my computer, and day by day it got bigger. After a month my screen was covered in black.
    Bottom line; Do not use this site!

  30. bimbe

    Be very careful. You need to make sure your antivirus is up to date. I got one of those ransomware viruses where it locks your computer’s operating system.

  31. Larry Martin

    I’ve been watching shows on project free tv for over year and half now and nothing has happened to my computer. I just don’t download anything.

  32. graeme

    Use adblock on chrome to get rid of the ads dont download anything and ….of course always go for free version even if you need to wait 14 seconds…make sure before you go to the website that your flash is updated and anything else by using their own websites take every popup with a pinch of salt.

  33. Dan

    For those of you that clicked the ‘update flash player’ ad that pops up (that’s blatantly a fake) then more fool you. you dont need any fancy software, just close any pop ups that open. Are people on the internet still really this gullible?

  34. Content13

    You will be fine as long as you dont download any of the pop-ups

  35. duhh


  36. pda

    been using pftv for almost 2 years and never had an issue….

  37. rachael

    it’s been working for me for around 8 months now
    just try to avoid the sketchy ones that make you go to a million different sites
    i suggest using putlocker, sockshare, vidxden, veevr, gorillavid, and vidbull because they don’t buffer

  38. it works!!!

    It works fine- i use it all the time! But dont download anything and dont click on any ads. If there are pop up ads just close them. ive been usin it for years now. It works really good!!! But if u are still not persuaded go on project free tv at ur friends house. I never got a virus in my life from project free tv. Just watch out for other websites!

  39. sarah

    when I try watching anything , they ask for my CC info to verify my age, should i submit my info?

  40. police virus

    i got a virus, it looked like a police page, computer was locked out, started it up in safe mode and restored it to earlier setting, the virus said pay 120 pounds to unlock computer and asked for bank details, the web cam came on and said my image was being recorded for watching something illegally, I STILL USE THE SITE

  41. Stacey

    Been using the site for about six months now with no issues.
    Just don’t download anything and you will be fine!

  42. Caitie

    I would not suggest using this site because I used to use it all the time and it seemed fine and then one day I was using it and a screen popped up saying I was using an illegal website and it has blocked me out of my internet until I pay a fine. I would not use it…

  43. Diana Trimble

    Like most of the people on here, I would say that it is safe to use as long as you’re careful what you click. Specifically: always try to just play the content using the normal play button at the bottom left of the view screen. I usually choose putlocker or sockshare too but some of the others can be fine too, but after choosing is when you have to watch out. Sometimes the button “Hide Ad and play as Free User” is bogus and a trick to get you to click on something else, but even then it usually just triggers a new window, to open with an annoying, but harmless ad. Before I got the hang of it, about a year ago, I did indeed get a bunch of slowing down viruses after using Project Free TV (I blame Breaking Bad not being shown in the UK for this!) and had to have my machine professionally debugged. Now, I just make sure that I never accidentally click on any download links and try to only watch episodes that will play from the normal play button. The ones that make you enter a word first can be OK though and often after you do that, you can then hit play as per usual (even if it prompts you to do something else first.) NEVER believe it if it says that your Silverlight has crashed or your Adobe is out of date.

  44. Nat

    I may have have clicked on update flash player also while watching project free TV , now it takes me up to 3 attempts to search for anything on my Internet explorer,(constantly receiving pop up adds) can someone please suggest how I can fix this problem Thanks

  45. Acid

    Project free tv is safe as long you STOP USING INTERNET EXPLOITER, useFFx, Chrome, or Opera with an ad blocker installed. The ads are where the real danger lies on that site, and most of the ads aren’t served by their systems but by the third party sites that the streams come from. If you’re really worried about it, stop using Winblows.

  46. Callum

    it works fine as long as you don’t click any of the ads or try downloading anything, pf tv is more of a search engine because it just helps you find all the links to the shows you want to watch in one place unfortunately the majority of them don’t work and have allot of ads but make sure you just watch as a free user and don’t download anything

  47. Nelson

    (1) If you’re new to the game, or simply want to be extra cautious, download this free trial of anti-virus software (only if you’re using a PC; if you’re using a mac, you don’t need it). I’ve been using the trial version for three years with complete success:

    (2) Make sure you’re using the correct web address for PFTV

    (3) Don’t create a member account. Guest content is the same as member content.

    (3) Use Google Crome’s Adblock feature if you’re still anxious (I use Mozilla Firefox and never have problems; occasionally I’ll have to close a pop-up).

    (4) Always click the play button in the lower left corner of the video screen (you may have to click twice).

    (5) Avoid clicking the play button in the center of the video screen. Never click anything that pops up, unless it’s (X) to close it. Never download anything. Don’t trust pop ups claiming that you have to update adobe. This is either an add or a virus.

    (6) The internet is as safe as you want it to be. Get AVG and CCleaner if you want a safer way to browse the internet. Now go enjoy some free TV!

  48. Talyn151

    Okay, for those of you reading this before use and also those who have used before or currently use Project Free TV, I have a few tips.

    First of all, my experience is acquired from over a year now of pretty much every website that offers this service.

    Number one rule – The Golden Rule – Absolutely never click on an add, and if there is a pop-up close it as fast as humanly possible. I have yet to run into an issue and I feel it is impossible from simply watching the video; ads are always a threat no matter what website you go to. Now, they are -very- convincing, I have had them come up and tell me I must update my flash player, m browser, and my java.

    I did fall to the ransomware virus. For those of you who do not know it will take over your computer every single time you connect to the internet and say that the FBI blah blah blah has locked your computer and must pay to have it unlocked. It, too, was very convincing and scared the hell out of me, but I did some research and come to find out it was a fake, a scam.

    Tips to remove the ransomware virus and most others:

    1) Disconnect your computer from the internet (If possible, not crucial.)

    2) Reboot your computer and start into safemode with command prompt. (If you do not know how to google it.)

    3) Once into command prompt type in explore (or explorer)

    4) From there you will havve to google on how to manually navigate to your system files and then find the system restore application.

    5) Once into system restore choose to restore to a previous time, a time before your computer was infected.

    ~ Then it will do its thing, and when it finsihes you can log in. It will not delete anything except for what you did that day as far as documents / games / pictures / etc… go. But it will weed out the virus.

    Now usually you should not need to do that. If it only locks you out when you pull up the internet simply log onto your computer as usual, do NOT connect to the internet, go to your computer search and type in system restore. Go into it, earlier date, and boom, done.

    This may not remove every virus, I do not know, but I do know it fixes ransomware. I hope this helps. Project Free TV is safe. Just don’t be foolish.

  49. Ameera

    It’s the BOMB. You can just stream for free as a free user. As long as you don’t stick your nose into the ads and flash player updates, you’ll be fine. Just x them out as soon as they pop up. I’ve been using it all summer to watch many movies and shows, and nothing happened.

  50. stephanie

    Earlier there was the mention of the conduit virus. I say where conduit was popping up as my search engine on IE, but did not know that it was a virus. I just thought it was an annoyance as I prefer Bing. Someone asked the person who brought up the issue about how to get rid of it, but I never saw an answer.
    Another annoyance now have it OTSHOT popping up when I reboot the computer. It can be closed out, but still is annoying.
    Anyone know how to get rid of it? I went into add/remove programs with no success.

  51. robert

    If you use Firefox add on Noscript, it stops a lot of those problems and the adult ads. that coupled with another that stops all video launches until you approve make the site manageable.

  52. Noneofyourbussiness

    Yes it’s safe.

    DO NOT download the files however. They are Adware file displaying mass amounts of adware. GL

  53. Samantha

    I use it all the time, nothing happens. Just NEVER click on anything BUT THE VIDEO, never click the ads that say Download or Play Now. On some videos they make you type a code to get through to it but if doesn’t effect anything. Close up all the ads on the videos, some videos at the bottom of the black box it says “Close this ad and continue” so click that. Hope it helped!

  54. VirusesGalore

    I also got a virus that can track my keystrokes. I think it was when they asked me to update my flash…next thing I know my bank account was hacked, for real. They cleaned out my savings. Thankfully the bank reimbursed me but its not cool to have my bank account hacked. User beware.

  55. Johnmark

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  56. Jules

    GET ADBLOCK!!!!!!!!!!

  57. Gene

    I am saying pretty much the same as what others have said. Don’t download anything. I don’t know that there would be any problems arising from doing so, what why take a chance? I use Firefox with Adobe Flash and have no trouble watching Project TV’s streaming videos. Since that is the case, I see no reason to take chances. Don’t download. Don’t register. Keep off mailing lists

  58. Dave

    Never a problem with Project Free TV. Do not download anything. Do not sign up for anything. Do not open anything but video. Use only as guest user. Get Adblocker Plus, it is free. Use Firefox. Just watch the show that is all.

  59. Aidan

    I used it and i haven’t got any viruses. if your worried get Ad block so you don’t Accidently click on the ads.

  60. Kenny


    You must not know anything about computers at all. Macs are prone to Virus too.

  61. Kenny


    There are several ways to remove it. Most common way is by using Anti Virus software (only one is needed). go into IE/Firefox/Chrome/Safari etc and open up the browsers add on/toolbar menu. go to the conduit toolbar and press remove/disable/uninstall. then use Avast free, MalwareBytes, Sophos Trial, Norton are all good for a scan. I would recommend running and scanning in safe mode. let it run (always slower than a normal boot so dont be alarmed if it takes several hours). once scan is done, reboot normally into windows, and do a full scan. I had a client with the same toolbar and that is how I was able to remove it for him. I also used Malwarebytes in both windows and safe mode.

    Hope that helps!

  62. User of PF-TV

    It’s all good, just get adblock and don’t download anything or click anything u don’t know. And don’t use it too much, as in u leave it there with the site (internet) still active and u press hibernate instead of shut down. That’s just leaving an open door to a virus. And USE NORTON or something like that.

  63. Lovee

    It’s AWESOMENESS!! I use it all the time and its perfectly safe just don’t be a fool and click on the fake pop-up ads and stuff. Just close all the random stuff that pops up before you watch your video and your’re good to go! I’ve been using this site since I quit cable early 2012, no problems at all.

  64. Kimber smith

    Has anyone actually GIVEN it their cc number for verification? If so, what happens?

  65. Kimber

    Has anyone actually GIVEN out their cc info?

  66. Deanna

    It’s a free website with links to other websites streaming free content. The site has never asked me for a CC # in two years of use. It’s because you’ve clicked on an ad (which might even be disguised as a big PLAY NOW button on the top or side of the page).

    Never, ever, EVER give your CC info to any website from which you are not explicitly buying an item or signing up for a subscription or service you really want. Age verification through CC number is not a thing any real site would attempt.

    Same if someone calls you and asks for your CC info. This is common sense.

  67. William

    We stream regularly from project free tv and have never picked up a virus or spyware/adware. We use google chrome as our browser and have an ad blocker extension which blocks all of the ads.

  68. Fabiola Pina

    Project Free tv is safe as long as you add an AD BLOCKER on your browser..

  69. Thom

    Is the premium upgrade worth doing on Project Free TV?
    And If so does it give a full screen to be able to watch the shows?
    I already gave out my credit info when i signed on and now am trying to back track to cancel that
    on my credit card…

  70. Seth

    This site is garbage!!! It only works sometimes, but even when it is working you get pop up ads constantly. It gets old real quick. Bottom line is to not even waste your time, because this site is horrible and hopefully it will just get shut so people won’t continue to waste their time trying to get it to work..

  71. Craig Kitson

    If you use Ubuntu you will not get any viruses. I have been using it for 4 years,no trouble.

  72. Jug

    Most of your are all brainwashed into listening to everything your antivirus says. I’ll let you in on a little secret… They lie. What good is an antivirus if they can’t keep you coming back for more. I’ve been bare backing streaming sites for everything I watch for years now. Solar Movies, Let Me watch This, Project free, They are all completely safe. I’ll install malwarebytes and avast once every 6 months to a year just to check up on my pc but once everything turns up clean I get rid of it again. Fact of the matter is, anyone that says they got a virus from streaming, got it because they downloaded one of those phony video player downloads that try to pop up over top the real video. Or they get a browser based message telling them their flash player is out of date and needs to be updated. Honestly if you fall for that kind of riff raff then you should just stick to netflix.

  73. Jug

    Avast not Vlast ^^ BTW @Seth you just have to how to navigate the different sites they are all different some video players you have to select correct option or know where a hidden play button might be hidding. You also need a divx player and flash player so if one isn’t working you can usually always run the other. And as for ipads and some other apple products your usually just out of luck. Unless you have an app for it.

  74. lovely

    I just opened it and it said my phone was infected with a careful

  75. Happil P.

    Just go and buy either Apple TV box or ROku box and watch from there. Ultra safe, and you can watch your shows through netflix and/or hulu plus. I use Apple TV and love it!

  76. dave

    ive been using the site as a free user for 5 years with absolutely no antivirus protection or adware or malware or popup protection. I have never gotten a single virus. I stream only. its when you download,that you become susceptible to virus attacks. the same can be said about any website that you visit. keep that in mind…

  77. kat

    Still can’t watch anything, every time it keeps asking me to register a new account. Dose anyone have a suggestion?

  78. eugene

    i used free tv 3 hackers got in my computer kept shutting me down i quit

  79. Michelle

    I use PF TV every day. So far so good! I think it is safe as long as you only stream..

  80. sally

    project free tv is now on a blocked list. it no longer works 5-19-14

  81. John

    My virusscanner and Google Chrome both detect Malware on Free Project TV Website. I did not get this warning before but I do now. So I can safely say that this website definately is covered all over with viruses.

  82. Barry Ferguson

    Yes, the site does have virus issues sometimes, but they may be coming from the feeder sites. You should have a virus checker going on your PC anyway, like AVG, that will detect this. I do and it has stopped links I clicked on in pftv from infecting me. The best thing everyone can do to get rid of virus links, cpu pig ads and anoing crap is to get AdBlock for Chrome, it made project free TV more bearable for me. Project Free TV is really the worst site I have ever used because of the crap ads with the tricks and hoops you need to jump through to see the show. AdBlock gets rid of most of that crap, which is great because I was going to stop using pftv before I installed AdBlock (from the Chrome app site),

  83. Alex

    Here is your wake up call people…. When they asked for credit card info to sign up I got very suspicious so instead I signed up for their forum which does not need credit card info. When I signed in and checked some of the discussions I then saw that they are selling the cvv code from your credit card info . Do not use this site . If it is too good to be true it always comes with a catch…..

  84. S. K.

    I only stream and have been doing so for past 5 years. Yes, I have had virus attacks 2 times. I have a good security system so they isolated them both times. So now when my virus software tells me there is a threat after I open it I get out of there fast and wait a few days. If you complain on Project Free TV facebook site, they erase the comments and then you are never allowed to comment again…..

  85. Sean Ryan

    every time i try to open the site it says “safari can’t connect to server” I know the site is up and running. I was able to connect to the server a couple of weeks ago. My roommate has a windows laptop and it works on his computer. I even tried downloading google chrome to see if it was just an issue with safari. It still will not connect to the site. Has anyone else run into this problem????? How do I fix it!!!!?????


  86. Joe

    If you use Firefox install the Adblock Plus add on and it will block all pop ups and banner ads that happen on Project Free TV, and lets you just click the play button instead.

  87. A

    I’m looking for a website to try but I’m kinda iffy on this because my sister tried a website online to watch her shows and we got a virus so i think it might be like that again. So I would recommend not going on it.

  88. anthony

    Project free TV is safe I’ve used it for a couple years now with no virus problems. Just stay a free user and stream the stuff don’t download it and don’t sign up to it or check out the pop ups just cancel them. As I said no probs in about 3 year.

  89. Jason

    I have been trying to watch shows on Project free TV today and about every two minutes the webpage playing my show switches to site then automatically loads “MPlayerX” in my downloads file, I clear it and have to go back to Project free TV and load my show again. In about two minutes my screen switches again to, full URL is (hxxp:// I tried watching a different show and the same thing happens. Anyone experiencing this? Does Project free TV have a virus?


  90. John

    Jason, been trying to fix a very similar problem with mother in laws MAC after watching for two mins it sends you to appleVox and itunes. Did you rectify your problem ??? Have tried deleting cookies/history ect but problem remains but I have limited knowledge on MACS but in saying that it may not be a problem with just type of platform… any ideas or solutions???

  91. Matt

    I started watching Project free TV about 3 or 4 months ago and now my computer is jacked up. It freezes. I get blue screen of death every so often. My home page for my browser was hijacked and changed w/o my permission. I struggled to change it back. If you try to play a show pop up’s and page redirects take over and I must quickly close them before they fully open. My computer will now freeze regularly regardless of the site I am on. I never opened or downloaded anything ever form this site or any other! Suddenly my email which never got very many spam messages is now getting at least 50 per day. I had awesome ad blocker and when I use to open pages pop ups were routinely blocked. I rarely would even see ads on the sides of the page now I have ads all over my pages. Tons of them. Now they pop up and I cannot not stop it regardless of what site I am on. My comp says it blocked and ad but didn’t. Often it will redirect the page but open a tab behind my open tab so I cant see it happening. My comp is now very slow. When I open a page to watch a show I keep the screen small and move it to see if anything is behind it and often there is and I have to close it. It is a process to even use the site now.

  92. concerned citizen

    So far I havent seen a single answer pertaining to the fact that this site is perfectly safe to use if you have an ad blocker extension installed on your browser. You can find this extension for just about any browser you use, chrome, firefox, internet explorer blocks every single ad pop you encounter on that site or any site for that matter, have a malware scanner in conjuction with that and youll be perfectly fine.

  93. Nick Wood

    Yes, projectfreetv has viruses. After using the website for 3 plus years with adblockers and no problems, a very serious virus called Ransom locks your screen while you are watching or starting a TV program, in our case Ransom presents as an identical JAVA website asking you to update…however you can not decline or say later. It freezes until you agree to “update your JAVA. To escape you must force close your computer. Of course, Project FREETV?? does not respond to complaints or make corrections. This is no longer a safe website!! WE had to have our computers completely wiped clean and change all our personal info. Don’t believe these trolls or paid liar surfers who claim a perfect free and totally safe website. Who do they work for??

  94. myeyesarebleeding chooses to put advertisements on their website. primarily 4 spots. left sidebar, right sidebar, the table at the bottom, and scripts on the page. they apologize for the ads and say that they are coming from other websites where the content is being hosted, however those advertisements are non-invasive. the real problem is the advertisements that allows on their website, that they have actually created numerous placeholders for. those ads are relentless, never ending loop trash that is constantly pinging and loading new files. this is the most invasive tactic and completely unnecessary, cant they just be happy with the honest traffic that they do get, and not try to capitalize off of a users bandwidth. please boycott this website and other websites that provide similar bad user experiences.
    I understand them providing a free service and getting paid based on ads being displayed/clicked for maybe ONE advertisement. but currently it is way too overloaded with ads especially the way they constantly change never-endingly. unacceptable.

  95. need help

    project free tv is telling me that You have experienced a bug in our site. An administrator has been notified about this problem. This page will automaticly refresh in 10 seconds. and it never refreshed and is telling me that theres a server overload

  96. Katroushka

    I’ve been streaming from Project Free TV for several years now – 5? more? It’s the only way I watch TV. I also, like another comment, go “bareback” but for AdBlock. No antivirus. I periodically do a virus sweep using Housecall, Kaspersky, etc. and have never, not once, had a virus. I doubt it’s because there are no viruses to be had – I’m just really careful about what I click on, and which sites’ links I use. For example, I don’t trust “Mooshare” because it sometimes parades as Vidxden. Reason enough to avoid, so I don’t ever stream on that site.

    I don’t register, I don’t verify, I don’t download, I don’t click ads, I don’t click on pop-ups that claim to update programs, I kill the occasional pop-up that gets past AdBlock as fast as my cursor can swoop, and I filter ads that do show up by using AdBlock’s option to “block an ad on this page”. (Truly one of the best apps out there. Android users check out “Disconnect” for the equivalent smartphone app. It may no longer be available through Play Store because it’s too good at what it does – but can still be had through the developer’s site.)

    Care, common sense, and a good ad blocker are all you need.

  97. Joanne

    I have been using this website for a while and have been fine. Recently I needed to use a US IP to ensure my local ISP doesn’t block it. It is also fine. But then this week I have not been able to watch anything. None of the links work. They either direct me to download which I won’t, or ask me to install a faster software which I won’t either.

    What should I do?

  98. Rox

    I use it all the time and never have had any issues except for the frustration of clicking play several times to move the ads. Just install an adblock application which is what I did, and now have no pop up ads, not any ads at all on any website I browse. saves you from clicking on dodgy stuff. So guys please don’t ever badmouth . Best website ever for streaming stuff that I can’t even torrent it’s so recent. Just learn to protect yourself on the net to the best you can. Regardless of what antivirus you have if someone was desperate enough to get in they would.

  99. John

    Someone reading this site might think if they were just careful and used an ad blocker they would be fine. There is a lot of bad advice on this page, and the most ironic are the ones that suggest you install, AVG anti virus which it itself a virus type scam. Once downloaded, you will need at least one malware remover and one registry cleaner to straighten out your PC. The obvious scammers who suggest this make me doubt these other people are really long time users who are virus free. They are probably paid skills especially the ones who go on and on about how great it is, and then use a explicit phrase to describe running no anti virus [bareback] which is obviously sheer lunacy and likely an attempt to encourage others to do the same so they can easily scam them.

    No doubt about it, this is an extremely dangerous and unnecessary site. Netflix costs like 8 bucks a month, is totally legal and totally safe. If you ever had a persistent virus, or a difficult virus that required a computer tech to deal with, you will realize what a bargain that is. Hulu free is quite limited, but entirely free and completely safe, I haven’t tried the pay version, but they do offer a free trial, as does Netflix. Paying for tv is a drag, but acquiring a virus to save a couple bucks is foolish, and may end up costing more than a few bucks.

    Btw, I did check the site, but the first link required my credit info, which I declined to do and the second link circled back to the homepage, which told me in giant letters that my account had been suspended and I needed to contact their billing department immediately, which is ridiculous because I live alone so no one else has an account on my IP address, and I had only known of the site for 5 minutes. At that point, I knew it was a scam, as every site has told me since, not counting the ever present transparent skill brigade.

  100. steve

    Rox is 100% right. I’ve used it for 5 years, with no issues.

    You use hte same rules that apply to everything on the net.


    It is perfectly possible to use all legit tv link sites using the above rules. And by the by, it’s the video hosting sites that have all the ads, not hte link listing sites.

  101. lue

    I have been using this site for more than a year but here is an advice, If you are a chrome user use the extension AdBlock. It will block all annoying and risky adds

  102. leo

    been doing what lue said for very long time. makes sites run better and faster, but once in a while a video won’t play because too much is blocked. by the way i don’t just use adblock. i use ghostery and disconnect too.

  103. BC

    I’ve been using Project TV for over a year with no problem. But tonight it is requiring a plug in to watch anything. I watched last night and no plug in was required. I even went back and clicked on a show I watched last night and the plug in comes up. I can’t get around it. Does anyone know if the plug in they are now requiring is safe to download? I hate to lose this site, but neither do I want to download something dubious.

  104. Dixie

    Yes you can get viruses from this site without proper protection. I have been a user of this site for over 4 years. I have used protection with this site after my first virus infection which was a headache to get rid of. So don’t be ridiculous people…of course use virus, malware, adware and spam protection when using any site as the villains of the www are always coming up with ways to spread their diseases with any site they can. Anyway, I am having the same problem that you are having BC. I absolutely hate to lose this site as I have been using it for about 4 years now. But three days ago the plugin requirement came up on the site when I attempted to watch my usual show and on every other video link I tried to view. I ignored it and just left the site for the evening. The next day it was back to normal and I was able to watch my shows. It worked for a couple of days, but last night there it was again and it is still there today, regardless of the browser I use. I have tried it on different pcs from different ip addresses with the same results. I have sent an email to the site’s staff to request information as to whether this is a legitimate requirement from them or not. Waiting for a response. As soon as I get one I will post it here.

  105. Dixie

    BC…I installed the AdBlocker extension (free) for Google Chrome and so far that annoying plugin request is not showing up on any of the videos when I click on any of the links. The usual ads are still coming up and I have to do the click and close again with those but at least I am able to watch the videos again. (so far! :/) If that changes I will repost..Maybe you could try that extension. It is available for Chrome and IE. Good luck!! :))

  106. Arach

    It’s this simple…..

    If you don’t know much about computers, don’t do it.

    I mean common sense people. Never click on a ad, ever. If this is too hard for you, don’t go there.

    Most people with computer expierence know what they are getting into when on a “risky site”. You cannot go on to that site like others. You have to be careful what you click on. One wrong click and you can be screwed.

  107. Tillie

    Hi. I’ve been using Project Free TV for some time and up to now have had no issues. I know enough to know that you never click on ads, never download etc. In the last 2 weeks however no matter what I try to watch its bringing up another tab asking me to register. I have a pop up blocker and this usually works fine. I’ve tried other websites too – etc and its happening on anything i try to watch. Any suggestions??

  108. to tillie

    You have a possible browser infection. Reset the browser to default. Run maleware bytes, spybot s&d and avast. (all free) Then try the site again. Get no script, ad block plus, and ghosty in firefox. Configure them. Won’t have this happen again.

  109. Momz

    Arach, your reply is rude and patronizing. The question was asked because the poster didn’t want to do any damage and needed advice. Some folks can admit they don’t know it all. And others seem to think if you don’t know everything about computers you shouldn’t use them. So I guess if you can’t build a car you shouldn’t drive and if you can’t repair a stove you should never bake a pie? I may be going overboard but all users have to start somewhere, I wish I could convince my mom to give the ‘new world’ a try. Project free tv is a great site IMO

  110. Richard

    I use ad blocker on my pc while streaming videos here I’ve never had a virus cause of ad blocker I’ve only downloaded a few episodes on my mobile phone most of the ads I just close the page and it’s fine and directly download on my phone USE AN AD BLOCKER SERVICE WHILE ON A PC IT WILL GET RID OF ALL ADS !!!!

  111. Richard

    It’s easier to use Linux with this than Windows

  112. Will

    Project Free TV isn’t worth it anymore too much interference. It crashes my browser within 3 and 15 seconds almost every time. Try tube+ or solarmovies. Also avast is an ineffective program AVG is much better.

  113. Jules

    So ive been using this site for about three years and have loved it with NO problems. Ive always made sure to close out of browsers immediately (cmd W) if they seem fishy (pop ups). It it true… use common sense, usually the most subtle path forward is the real one.
    My question is….did they update it? i havent been on in roughly three weeks and the season set up is changed and i cant get to the video anymore! I use my favorites (Vidbull, movshare, videoweed) but even then its just nuthin. is there a new trick?

  114. Shane

    NO PROJECT FREE TV IS NOT DANGEROUS!! I don’t care what these Idiots Say!! If you install AdBlock Plus in Google Chrome and Install all AdBlock Plus add ons and Run an Antivirus that uses Integrated Browser Protection like McAfee, Norton, 360 Total Security, Etc,… You will not get infected!! BUT THAT ONLY REMAINS TRUE IF YOU DO NOT DOWNLOAD ANYTHING FROM THE SITE AND DO NOT CLICK ON ANY OF THE ADS!!

  115. Lisa

    It wasn’t when I first started using the new site. I wrote to them many times on their Facebook page but they keep wiping all the posts about pop-ups. What I had to do was this: I used Firefox when I started and I had Ad-Blocker Add-on. But there is a new add-on called pop-up blocker. So I added that to my add-on. I also went and upgraded all the possible sites that they say are blocked now. You might have to disable it and they re-install it. I had a very old one and I don’t think it offered all the updated block-able sites. Since then…No pop-ups.

  116. Lisa

    It doesn’t hurt to download a free malware program and scan for that too. Before you start the rest.

  117. Leslie

    I was trying to watch the second season of my favorite TV show, so I went to to try to watch it. Almost immediately a popup window came up saying I had contracted a virus or something. I have a chromebook so I just did a hard reset and did not restore the browser window. Hopefully the virus is gone now. Anyways, projectfreeTV is NOT safe!

  118. emaN ruoY

    Its safe, aslong as;

    Your browser has an adblock (i dont know how anyone got through on FreeTv without one tbh)
    You dont install anything (wont be a issue if AdBlock is used)

    Anyone telling you otherwise, is lying, or does not know how to use FreeTV :)

  119. Nancy Jones

    Those are all excellent points and things everyone should keep in mind when they are thinking about the topic. I suggest you earn money through Earn Honey ..

  120. Jim B.

    I had an old-ish HP 2007 desktop, and I used Project Free TV to watch a few episodes of Get Smart because at the time I didn’t have the dvds. I watched in chrome, never clicked any of the ads, except the x to get rid of it, and some days after using it, if I hovered over certain blue text, even in google where it wasn’t supposed to be, ads would pop up, and I’d get those fake location-tracking pop-up sites, like “Canadian Jewlers”, which said they were located right next to me even though I didn’t live next to a commercial zone. Chrome was completely bugged. I didn’t think it would effect firefox so I downloaded that. I didn’t use any illegitimate video streaming sites, but lo and behold the same virus appeared, so obviously using the site will bug out any alternative browsing systems, i.e. Bing, Firefox, Yahoo.

  121. kgmspamby

    Been using ProjectFreeTV for years, ever since Walking Dead Season 3 IIRC. I was very sad to see it go offline for a while, but now it’s back up, albeit a little different. Adblock Plus used to work perfectly (as others have said: not sure how people use these sites or any for that matter, without ABP). Lately I’ve been having a new window pop up in the background every time I click to play or pause a show. Installing Adblock Plus Popup and adding a site rule to block any popups from them worked perfectly. It still makes a white flash for a second, but it’s not piling up annoying phone game ad pages behind the show any longer.

  122. Marc

    I got spyware on my machine from watching streaming on project free tv.

  123. Mona

    Do you all feel safe giving them your credit card informations?

    It is apparently not possible to watch anything if one doesn’t supply them with ones credit card informations? (Or is it?)

  124. genluna

    It is 2019 now, I haven’t seen recent update about how safe it is to use Project Free TV. Do you think my computer will be contracted with virus while visiting this website?

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