Computer Security

FixSpeedy Optimizer virus on my computer

Please help me fix my computer. A trojan or virus that pop-ups an ad endorsing FixSpeedy Optimizer is present on my laptop. The pop-up states that virus is present on my computer and FixSpeedy Optimizer will fix this problem for a certain fee.

The company is based in India and from my research; this is a bogus online tech support. In fact, the pop-ups saying I have virus is fake. I am not worried with that, the only thing that bothers me now is the pop-up that keeps on appearing every few seconds.

I have looked into my installed programs and FixSpeedy Optimizer is not there. There is no way to remove this virus via Control Panel because there is no item relevant to it on Add/Remove area. I have also scanned the PC with my antivirus software but the process didn’t get rid of the FixSpeedy Optimizer virus.

Please help me remove the pop-up from the browser. I am not a tech person so please provide tools that can automate the removal of FixSpeedy Optimizer.

Raff Anderson

Suprasavings and virus removal

The virus on my PC has gone from mild to wild. At first, browser occasionally redirects to The site offers browser and flash update. Without knowing that it is malicious, I have installed recommended program once. Since then, browser is always hijacked by In addition, home page is taken over by an unknown search engine which I cannot remove.

Also appearing on the browser is Suprasavings ads, coupons, ad deals. I notice that it will show up each time I am on commercial web sites. Normal browsing is not affected by Suprasavings, especially visiting social networking sites.

My big question is the total removal of Suprasavings and There are several tools I have used to scan the PC trying to remove these viruses but so far, there is still no success. Right now, I am running a scan of Kaspersky, and will post the result later.

In the meantime, if someone knows how to get rid of and Suprasavings, please share your thoughts.


I can’t uninstall Bubble Dock

Earlier today I wanted to download a game online called Slenderman, which I did. I downloaded it from the same place as everyone else I know and it downloaded it from. It downloaded the game but also downloaded a lot of other stuff. I think it was PC fasters and stuff like that, but it also downloaded Bubble Dock. I got rid of everything else by putting it in the Recycling bin (including Bubble Dock). everything else was deleted apart from Bubble Dock. I then googled further into how to uninstall Bubble Dock and did everything it told me which was to go onto the Control Panel and uninstall the required program. I tried to do this with Bubble Dock, There was then an error. It says:

“An error occurred while trying to uninstall Bubble Dock (remove only). It may have already been uninstalled.

Would you like to remove Bubble Dock (remove only) from the programs and features list?”

I then clicked ‘Yes’ and it came up with:

“You do not have sufficient access to remove Bubble Dock (remove only) from the Programs and Features list.
Please contact your system administrator”

So I thought the only way I would be able to uninstall it was if I re-installed Bubble dock, which I did. and it still won’t uninstall.

I think the only way I can uninstall it completely is if I do it manually through coding but I have no idea how to do so, never mind get to the coding.

if anyone knows how to do this/knows how to uninstall it please help me or let me know because I have heard that Bubble Dock could be potentially harmful towards my computer and its just really annoying too.

Please help!


Remove redirect virus

Please help me. Since yesterday whenever I try browsing the Internet, it always redirects me to I have a suspicion that it all started after I have downloaded a video player. The said program was already removed from the PC but still Internet browser keeps on redirecting to

I have also scanned the computer with a number of anti-virus programs like ad-aware, kaspersky, and avg but to no avail. In fact, no virus was identified on my laptop. I also have checked for adware plug-in but I can see that browser is clean. No suspicious program either on add/remove when I go to control panel.

Please help me, I am running out of solutions. If I still cannot find a way to remove redirect virus, I will end up reformatting the system. So far, this is the only way I can be sure that all malware, adware, and viruses from the computer will be wiped out.

Please suggest a solution.
Thanks for the help.

Remove [email protected] virus

Last time I download a movie from not so known website, it tells me to install a player. Instead of a player, I think Trojan was downloaded into my computer. Next time I rebooted the PC, my screen is covered with black background with the following message in the center:

Service return of credits casinos, informs you about the arrest of your files and suspension of the operation of your computer. For resolution of situation, please contact our customer support.
[email protected]

It never allowed me to use the PC neither didn’t give me access to my files. This [email protected] virus is also redirecting my Internet browser to web sites linked to bitcoin and other online payment scheme.

Please help me remove this [email protected] virus and return back my access to my own PC. I have scanned the computer with tools like malwarebytes, superantispyware, and local antivirus software but to no avail.

How to remove Trovi virus

Trovi virus has sneaked into my computer last night. It replaces my Google search to page. When I open Internet Explorer, first thing to appear on the screen is the default page, then after a few seconds it will get redirected to Trovi web site.

I believe the attack started when I downloaded a supposed VLC player. It was required when I am viewing online movies. Before I installed it, I have run an antivirus scan and no threat was found on the file. After installation, I just noticed that many things were added on the browser including Trovi search and Trovi toolbar.

Please tell me how I can remove Trovi virus from my PC. It has taken control of my browsers. I have tried various scans but none of them was efficient in removing the virus. So far, all I have tried are Superantispyware, Adaware, and my local AVG antivirus.

Aside from scanning, I have restored the browser to its default settings as stated in instructions from some web sites; again, I have no success in removing Trovi virus.

Please tell me to get this thing off permanently.

How to remove JS:Pdfka-ADK [Expl]

All of a sudden, my Avast Antivirus went berserk and keeps on showing an alert about JS:Pdfka-ADK [Expl]. I never download neither change any settings on the PC so I am curious how this virus gets inside.

I did some research and found out that many people are searching for JS:Pdfka-ADK [Expl] removal. It fact, it both Mac and PC users are affected by this virus, as far as I can see. Some says that it has something to do with old versions of Java program. My Java is updated to the most recent version so I concur that JS:Pdfka-ADK [Expl] infection has nothing to do with outdated Java.

Some tech experts explain that it is an attack to vulnerabilities in PDF programs. I don’t have any PDF writer or reader on the PC so that statement is not confirmed.

Anyone here got some advice or proper ways to stop this JS:Pdfka-ADK [Expl] pop-up alert from the computer? Much more, if my PC is infected, I need some tools or scanners to get rid of this malware immediately.


Remove Cyber Wall ransomware

My computer is infected with Cyber Wall virus and there is no way to remove it. I think it has disable my antivirus program because when I try to run it, nothing happens. Also, there is an X mark on its taskbar icon.

Cyber Wall came into my computer when I installed a game downloaded using torrent program. My antivirus pop-ups a threat about ransomware virus. I was alarmed and put it into quarantine and still continue with the installation of the software. There is no suspicious or apparent malicious things I can remember when during the install process except for the antivirus alert I have mentioned.

After installing the program, my computer rebooted and this Cyber Wall virus was the first one to appear on my screen. It has blocked my access to files and programs. Also, Cyber Wall won’t allow me to browse the web fully. I cannot download tools because the virus has restricted my access to security web sites.

Please tell me how to remove this Cyber Wall ransomware virus.

Thanks and regards,

How to remove ICE virus

My computer caught the ICE Cybercrime Virus and the system won’t allow me to have an access. As soon as I started Windows, it goes directly into the screen that displays malware messages. I have seen several forums hoping to resolve it on my own, but I failed. Maybe because I am not a tech guy and I have no trouble shooting skills.

All I wanted now is to remove ICE Virus using a tool or remover. Is there a one-click process to do this? My friend just run Windows System Restore on the infected PC but it was not helpful in removing the ICE virus. My local antivirus program has been disabled by the ICE virus and there is no way I can run it.

If you know some tools that can automate the removal of ICE virus, please leave me a message here. I will be very thankful for your help.


Help me remove KNCTR malware

I installed a program last night because I need in on my school project. I didn’t notice that KNCTR virus have slipped and install itself without taking permission from me. I have read various forums and removal suggestions but none of them is helpful.

I cannot fully perform what was recommended because KNCTR virus have disabled my task manager, registry editor, and uninstall information for this malware is nowhere to be found on my computer. Scanning the PC with several anti-virus and anti-malware tools are also insufficient. I have removed dozens of threats like trojan, virus, and adware, but KNCTR still resides on the computer.

There is no other way I can think of to remove this malware from the computer. Having no restore point for my Windows also adds to my burden. If I only have a backup, I could possibly just restored Windows to eliminate the presence of KNCTR.

Do you have any other suggestions I can take to get rid of this malicious program from my PC? I need help urgently.


How to remove www_getwindowinfo virus

I’ve been dealing with some sort of computer infection for 3 days now. This www_getwindowinfo thing is bothering my Google Chrome browser. When surfing the net, new tab always open to www_getwindowinfo for every 5 seconds or so. There are times that when I close the browser, it opens on its own showing the same thing.

I also noticed that www_getwindowinfo window or tab stops showing when another browser is open like Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox. As soon as I close these programs, the problem instantly shows up. I know this is very odd but that is what happening right now on my computer. It can be some sort of virus infection or program error.

Scanning the computer with various tools suggested on several forums didn’t help at all. In fact no solutions works well in solving this www_getwindowinfo issue. Uninstalling recently loaded programs which I think are relevant to the issue also didn’t work to fix my PC.

Right now, I am quite optimistic that this is something to do with adware or virus that is not fully functioning. Prior to having www_getwindowinfo, my antivirus program alerted me of malicious domain/web site, which I blocked immediately.

Please help me solve this problem.


How to remove Fast Fix 123 pop-up virus?

This morning, I download a tool from cnet. Also, I obtained a media player from a site that I already forgot (it was not recorded on my browser’s history). I am not really sure which of the two programs have triggered a virus to appear on my computer. Since the download, I keep on receiving Fast Fix 123 pop-up on my computer. The only way to stop the pop-up is to disconnect the PC from the Internet.

I have some search about Fast Fix 123 and it was known to be a malicious program. Some says it is an online technical support scam. So, I never bothered exploring the program and I wanted to remove this Fast Fix 123 pop-up virus immediately. When browsing the web, I also noticed that Fast Fix 123 is served from a different location. Thus, web blocking software is not adequate to stop the pop-up.

Is there any real solution to get rid of Fast Fix 123 pop-up from my computer? Also, why does my antivirus program didn’t warn me about this threat? Please send me tools to instantly remove the virus and clean my compromised machine.

Al Ajou

Remove virus

Please help me; I am having this problem since this morning. Windows firewall is constantly showing an alert that it is blocking I have checked the reported IP address and noticed that it is the same IP address of my ISP. I am confused but the way I see it, is served on my ISP. Am I right? I am no computer genius so I am completely blind at this issue. There are times that is blocked from IP address 192.168.1.XX which occurs to me are local IP address of my machine.

I have done a search on Internet and found that only few incident of this virus. Nothing was written about this address, where it came from or how can I get rid of it. So, I run a scan using typical virus and malware remover such as Adaware. SuperAntispyware, Norton Power Eraser, and so on. So far, only NPE detects a non-virus threat. It is an adware or potentially unwanted program which I decided to remove. It didn’t stop Windows from showing an alert about

I need help very badly.


All files renamed to .POSHCODER by a virus

I have a slightly new laptop. It is operating under Windows 7 64bit. I was supposed to install a trial program downloaded from the Internet but on the middle of the process, antivirus program send an alert stating that my computer is infected with virus.

The security programs identified many files that were compromised. Upon looking at the files using Windows Explorer, I noticed that most of the files are now renamed with .POSHCODER extension. I am presently puzzled with this virus. The .POSHCODER virus may have come with the program I am installing. It is frustrating because I even run a scan on the file before I loaded it into the PC. How come that my antivirus program didn’t detect any threats, it just alarmed me when the POSHCODER virus manages to enter into the PC.

I am running system restore almost every two weeks so I used this feature thinking that it can solve the problems but it is almost useless. Maybe it has restored some files from backup but my documents, images, music, and so on was still under the control of POSHCODER malware.

Please tell me how to remove this kind of virus. Any tools you can recommend to eliminate this thing from the computer and replace .POSHCODER as extension?