Uninstall FLV Runner Toolbar



I attempt to watch a video link sent by a facebook friend, and then suddenly, it tricks me to download viewing software from flvrunner.ourtoolbar.com. I did not realize that it came with an annoying FLV Runner Toolbar. I tried to uninstall it but could not find the FLV Runner from add remove program. Searching for a removal of this ended up with a bunch of crap web site that wanted me to use their services. Why would I do that?

I know that there are persons in this place who can help me remove FLV Runner Toolbar without costing a penny. If you know a tool that can automatically disable this toolbar, please suggest right away. If manual removal is the last solution, kindly provide a procedure that can understand by a non-tech like me.

By the way, I am using Windows 7 and Google Chrome browser.

Ed Harrison

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