Remove ‘Shop at Home’ Toolbar and ads



I know that ‘Shop at Home’ is useful if you are fond of doing online shopping. But for simple user like me who browse the web just for email and communication, I found the program very irritating. ‘Shop at Home’ appears each time I browse the web. Its toolbar frequently appears and is quite annoying.

I have spent 2 weeks just to remove this adware, but up to now it just reincarnates on my computer. I don’t know if ‘Shop at Home’ is a virus or some kind of malware. It appears to be a good tool, but the way it acts on my PC, I have some doubt on its status. This adware consume much of CPU and memory, I can tell that computer seems bit slow since it is invaded by ‘Shop at Home’.

Removing it from control panel is helpless. I even tried blocking the main address but to no avail. ‘Shop at Home’ toolbars, coupons, and pop-up ads still bother me whenever I am online. Please tell me what to do. I desperately need to remove this adware as soon as possible.

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