Remove Koox System Optimizer



Is Koox System Optimizer a virus? It installs itself on my computer after I downloaded a program called Windows Movie Maker. I suspect that the file I have downloaded is just a front to install Koox System Optimizer. The movie maker cannot be installed and file error shows up each time I try to run the program.

Now that I have this Koox System Optimizer, I have no idea how to get rid of it from my computer. My computer terribly gone so slow after installing this malware. It also affects my Internet connection and will take around 5 minutes before it loads the page I am visiting.

Please tell me how to remove Koox System Optimizer virus from my computer. I can locate its program folder but there is no icon that says “Uninstall” unlike all other programs on my PC. Should I use a malware removal tool for this type of infection, what would you recommend? As much as possible, please suggest a free program that is also efficient.


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