Remove Chatzum Search tabs



I just noticed that Search Chatzum replaced my default home page. It bears the web address This also happened when I open a new tab in Firefox and Internet Explorer. I already did run malware and virus scan but both reveal no signs of infection. In fact, I have Kaspersky antivirus installed. Nevertheless, even that does not prevent this program from entering my computer.

According to some research, Chatzum do not belong to a list of malware or viruses. It is believed to be a legitimate extension for Internet browser. If that is true, why did it get into my computer without my approval? In addition, why did it replace my Google search with without my knowledge? Those actions are merely no different from malware and adware.

Please tell me how to stop this Chatzum from manipulating my browser. It is very annoying. I want my default search back.

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