Remove AppMarket Search and AppMarket Toolbar



Recently, I installed a free security program that I thought will be worthy of having on my system. It turns out that the program is packed without various adware and other unwanted stuff. After installing the program, there are various ads appearing on the computer. In addition, my homepage was replaced by AppMarket Search. No matter what changes I do on the browser, I can never get rid of AppMarket Search and return my home page to its previous settings.

AppMarket Search is just one thing. There is still one bothering me. Before I don’t have this AppMarket Toolbar, but now, it is added into the browser without my knowledge. I don’t want this toolbar because I never find it useful. I wanted to remove AppMarket Toolbar but it won’t allow me. Each time I am trying to remove AppMarket extension, the browser pop-ups a message saying I am not allowed to perform the changes.

Please tell me how to remove AppMarket Search and AppMarket Toolbar completely. All process I have tried did not fix the problem on my computer.

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