Project Free TV Asking for Credit Card



My friends are all using Project Free TV to watch shows that we can’t get in our country. They say it’s a fantastic way to watch however when I try to stream a show, I keep on getting asked to sign up and provide my credit card details. I’ve asked my friends if they had to do this and they have all said no. Has anyone else experienced this and if so, how did you get around it?

These are the steps I am taking.
1. I go to http:// www. free-tv-video-online. me/
2. I click on the show that I want to watch and then “Stream in High Definition NOW!”
3. this is when I get asked to create a free account. I have done that and then it asks me for my credit card details, which I have not done as it seems very odd to require credit card details for something that is meant to be free.

HELP! it’s so frustrating.

Many thanks in advance.

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