How to uninstall Regclean Pro?



My little sister installed a program called Regclean Pro into our computer. I am trying to uninstall it but I cannot find the proper name inside Control Panel. There is a folder inside Program Files but it is empty. I wonder where the proper location of Regclean Pro files so that I can just delete it. I am not sure however if that will stop the program from appearing on my computer again.

The program wants to be registered before I can perform any functions. Regclean Pro states that it can make PC perform faster, but the way I see it, my computer is running so many processes and slower than before. I also noticed that the software scans the system in the background. In fact, it just pop-up an alert saying that I have thousands of registry errors. Again, Regclean Pro will not fix this issue unless you pay for the registered version. In short, this program is very comparable to any virus or rogue program.

Please help me remove Regclean Pro from the computer. I don’t want this program. It is useless and very annoying.

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