How to remove “RandomPrice” Extension



Few days ago, my browser started to pop-up various advertisements. It also keeps on redirecting to various sites, mostly ad-driven pages. I run scans like adaware and malwarebytes but both come empty and clear my computer of any infection. So, I did manual check and found out that RandomPrice extension is present.

I just recalled that this is a familiar name. It appears when I am installing a video player. Though, I still remember that I have excluded during the install process. How and why does RandomPrice still gets into the computer is just like a virus attack. I never allowed it but it still manages to get through.

About the RandomPrice extension, I have deleted it but after a few restarts, it comes back and it seems that there is no other way to remove it. If there is anyone on this forum who experienced the same issue with the one I have, kindly share your procedures in removing the RandomPrice extension from the browser.


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