How to remove “Ads not by this site” and “Ads not by Google”

I really don’t know what happened to my computer. I recently download Google Chrome and this is the first time I used this as my default browser. I like it a lot because it is faster and less pop-ups unlike the latest version of IE. It works fine for a couple of days until this morning after doing video search and visiting some web sites, some useless things appeared. I am now seeing “Ads not by this site” and “Ads not by Google” on top of the browser and I am sure it is beyond Google.

I try to resolve this problem by reinstalling Chrome but it did not work either. I also run hijack this and found a number of cookies. After removing them, there are still no changes. Problems still unresolved. “Ads not by this site” and “Ads not by Google” is still hanging there.

I am sure that there is exact method to remove “Ads not by this site” and “Ads not by Google” links that I don’t have to reformat computer and reinstall Windows. Do you know how?


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  • About two weeks ago, I also have that annoying thing. An add-on could be causing all that pop-up advertisements. You can try removing ‘unknown’ add-ons/extensions using this method.

    – Launch Google Chrome.
    – You can see a wrench icon on top-right corner of Chrome, click that and choose Tools > Extensions.
    – Chrome will provide you with a set of list. Make sure that you will only leave extensions that are familiar to you. Everything else that looks suspicious unusual, you need to delete them.

    Hope this can be useful.

  • I removed the extension called Chrome Tips and that fixed the issue. I’m sure this scam is being run by hundreds of these apps.

  • I removed the Montiera !PLEASE!


  • i dont know how to remove “Ads not by this site” please help me…it is always disturbing me… can anyone help me… thanks

  • Many Thanks guys! It worked for me!

  • Go to the Wrench Icon (to the right of the URL bar) —-> Settings —> Extensions

    Play around with enabled extensions by disabling each one in turn and seeing which one takes out the Ads.

    Worked for me

  • alvin_tan….. you are genius.
    thanks a lot ….

    it works…

  • YEESS!!! Thank you so much <3 this helped and im really happy

  • alvin_tan!! awesome!! it worked and my google home page is clean!!! :) thanks a billion!! :D

  • Hoera! Het werkt inderdaad om bij extensies de irrittie te verwijderen.
    Maar een volgende irritatie bron volgt. De zoekmachine wordt traag.
    Is de technologie er nu om de mens te irriteren?

  • Thanks, Alvin. It was simple and … it worked. Thanks again, man!

  • THanks soo much!!! i removed “fast save 1.1”?!

  • removing fast save 1.1 from extensions worked for me


  • much thanks @alvin_tan, it really worked

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  • I Just went up to the 3 little lines in the right corner went to settings, went to extensions and got rid of the ones i didnt reconize.


    goto settings
    content settings
    and disable java script (”load java script=untick)


  • thank you guys with the help of this i was able to remove ‘ads not by this site’

  • I have the same problem. Everytime i go to , it always appeared under the google search bar. there is a small text says “ads not by this site” . But when i remove an extension call SaveIt, the problem solved. Just double click on mozilla firefox—–>Tools—>Add-ons—–>Extensions——>SaveIt then click on remove button :)

  • thanks so much!

  • Thanks Alvin, it works..

  • Thanks you!!! It was really annoying me for a couple of days.I checked extentions in brower and uninstalled singalong and it has fixed the problem.

  • Help wanted!
    I have a problem. Everytime i go to , it always appeared under the google search bar. there is a small text says “ads not by this site” .
    Please how do I remove that.
    We work with internet explorer.

    Greetings from Belgium

  • Idd het werkt dus wat Alvin zegt, bedankt kerel.

  • I had the exact same problem what i did was goto chrome://chrome/extensions/ and i disabled something called yontoo and that was creating adds saying not by this site hope it works for you. :)

  • thanks alot it worked for me….

  • Ya, it worked, thanks

  • I solved this problem by deleting this stupid adware called “Solid Savings”

  • thank u alvin_tan it works ;)

  • please tell me how to remove ads from my computer, as is making it run too slow

  • thanx so much

  • Alvin u r a boss

  • many many thanks for you guys.. deleting the extension fixed my problem. the ads gone now. the only thing you have to do is going to settings > extensions, and delete the suspicious one. cus that one is the virus.

    thanks a lot again..

  • I deleted the extensions but the ads are still there! What do I do?

  • @alvin_tan
    That helped so much, I was having the exact same problem. I simply removed all ‘added by 3rd party’ extentions that I didn’t install myself and they went away immediately, great advice. Thanks.

  • aww that was great. thanks so much

  • On the Google Settings, on Extensions Usually tells you the software in charge of that extension, in my case I found a little software called “lyrics Container” causing this ads even on Google HomePage, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome Explorers.

    if you don’t see it, just restart the PC on Safe Mode and Run malwarebytes.

  • Alvin, thanks You helped me remove the ad. Thanks a lot.

  • Thanks a lot. It worked.

  • Thankyou Alvin :)

  • wow thanks man, the tools – extension – delete worked and took away those annoying banner ads. can surf the web in peace once more….

  • Thanks alvin_tan definitely worked like a champ!

  • Thank it help me.

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