How can I block Infolinks ads from browser?



Every time I search the web, I am seeing Infolinks advertisements all over the page. Sometimes, I even get frustrated when Infolinks pop-up and ad covering my entire screen. I really don’t know what to do with this.

I guess the thing started after I have obtained a video player from torrent. After installing the program, ads started to appear every now and then. Although those first advertisements are not from Infolinks, they came from various companies and some are in the form of banner ads.

There are times that survey will appear when I am trying to access links from Facebook. After running a scan using Adware Cleaner, all that pop-ups have gone. However, Infolinks started to appear. Please tell me how to block ads by Infolinks from my browser. Also, do not recommend paid program as I have no funds to buy them.


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