Remove Hornyworm.apk virus

I was surfing the web using my phone when suddenly, this pop-up message appears on my screen:

Warning: Your iPhone is attacked by Hornyworm.apk!
Your phone has reached 90% of memory usage!
Please follow the instructions below to remove it.

My other friends who are using Kindle, iPad, Galaxy Tab, and other gadgets also receiving the Hornyworm.apk virus alert.

At first, we are speculating that it originates from the office server because we all receive the message during office hours. Since, Hornyworm.apk attack also appears when we are on individual places, I can confirm that our gadgets are infected.

How did this Hornyworm.apk virus gets into my phone and my friends’ Kindle, iPad, and Galaxy Tab? Upon viewing several forums, they say that it is only for Adroid, but I am using Apple devices and yet the virus persists.

I don’t go to site that I don’t know. Only popular sites are the ones I keep on browser, so I still don’t have clear view how Hornyworm.apk virus gets into my iPhone. Please help me.

2 Responses

  1. LizaLuss says:

    Found this virus on my mobile phone. It may look like that computer is infected with virus due to warning, where in fact some codes were installed on some sites and browsers to initiate the message. I was able to remove it by resetting the configuration of my browser. Deleting cache and cookies also helps in getting rid of the Hornyworm.apk pop-up.

  2. charley machado says:

    Thank you for advice, my phone is a LG android