Nokia Lumia 900 Antivirus Program



I am just speculating if there is an antivirus program for Nokia Lumia 900. I just bought this phone and it is a little expensive for me so I decided to invest a little on its security. My previous phone is an Android device and I can use AVG to protect it. With Windows 7.5 as a system for Lumia 900, I still don’t know if there is antivirus already in the market. If security program is not yet available, is it still safe to use the phone in Internet browsing? I often use this phone in checking mails and browsing Facebook, so I’m a bit scared that one day it might get infected with a virus.

If anyone here using Nokia Lumia 900 and is protected, kindly share your antivirus or similar security program. Also, please provide a link where can I download a trial version so that I can check before buying. Thanks.

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