How to remove virus from Nokia x2

There is this particular virus, its tagged ‘BGSA upload’ I tried removing it, but it would go and come back, sometimes it disappears from my memory card to my phone. I just bought a new memory card and its still there. How do I remove it? I need an antivirus.

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  1. Akshay says:

    There is this particular virus, its tagged ‘BGSA upload’ i tried removin it,bt it would go and come back, sometimes it disappears from my memory card to my phone. I just bought a new memory card and its stil there. How do i remove it? I need an antivirus.

  2. alex says:

    hey me too have same prob this file s can’t able to delete it won’t allow to access memory card in to system . . . . The best way s to hide this file using file hide software. . . . . Nokia company oly wil find solution for this prob…. V r able to hide it oly

  3. pinky says:

    i am having dis same virus named as BGSA_upload……..Realy dont know from where this virus has come from??????? please suggest me whether should i fomat the phone memry or should head towards nokia care centre??? and 1 more thing does it come from some bluetooth or is it already in phone??????

  4. edgar says:

    siempre aparece en la tarjeta de memoria de mi nokia x2 este virus o archivo BGSA- Upload y no se como eliminarlo necesito ayuda, he comprado 2 tarjetas de memoria y continua saliendo gracias por tu ayuda

  5. melky says:

    hllo….this is a peculiar type of virus that as ever seen in nokia mobiles..i ve formatted my memory card, its deleted, but it i8s transferred to phone there any solution for this?…i’ve deleted many times but its not deleted…suggest me….

  6. ssahoo79 says:

    Bgsa_upload is actually an auto-protected text file which, can’t be modified(root bgsa_upload file)but may be duplicated(intentionally/automatically).Duplicates can be easily removed but not the root.There is a way to remove the auto-protection.It can be done by reinstalling the phone software.There is a Nokia Ovi DVD comes with the handset, install it in ur compatible PC.There is a facility of mobile software updation.although no updation available, with this u can reinstall the mobile software but first it will erase all data(keeping back up in ur PC).Whenever it completes it automatically reload ur back up(from pc).Again u can see the bgsa_upload in ur mobile but now the auto-protection is removed.It is the moment for delete,delete it.For above action some care must be taken such as ur mobile should be fully charged and no power failure(for pc).There is an extra back up retained in ur pc(for exceptional cases).It will take lots of time(1hr-2hr depends).I tried for my nokia x2 and succeeded.

  7. Mazher says:

    it is not a virus it is a working file on a x2 when i was delete it form my card reader than it was not com but when i was use the mobile internet it will again created but it is not a virus it is a prossesing of your mobile

  8. Shodan-3G says:

    Creo que encontré la solución pero necesito que me ayuden con una prueba: alguien a probado quitándole la memoria externa, formatearla y reiniciando el equipo sin ella para ver donde aparece nuestro famoso archivo protegido???

  9. Naiara Lopes says:

    Preciso de ajuda.. Tenho um Nokia c300 que está sendo invadido por um arquivo estranho chamado BGSA upload . Seria isto um vírus? Estou preocupada. Já tentei excluir mas ele não sai… Formatei o cartão mas o arquivo volta rapidinho… Socorro… Me arranjem uma solução por favor..naiara25

  10. lee says:

    i have the same problem exept with my nokia c3 just wandering how long this BGSA_update will remain on my phone and why does it keep multiplying?

  11. Roy antony says:

    In my nokia x2 the BGSA upload is stil staying. I try to remove it. But i can’t. Now i thought that it is not virous. It’s a proccesing file.

  12. Praharsha says:

    I’ve a problem my new nokia x2 that is , when i open ovi mobile shows conflicting items n i can’t open that ovi . Pls anybody help me . :)

  13. mitila says:

    my message memory is more than 1900 mb and if i try to delete it says empty,and i cant receive msg from other more than single msg at time and i have to keep empty inbox to receive.suggest me plzzzz

  14. premananda ,bbsr says:

    Well after reading these comments i am confused wheather it is a virus or processing file.My problem is that while charging the phone ,it turns off after few seconds get on automatiacally.Then this file name ‘BGSA-uploadfile’ shows in memory chip which can’t be deleted or you can’t make any changes to it.Well it is not affecting to any files in the mobile.So i am going to nearest nokia care to solve this matter as soon as possible.

  15. LAXMAN says:

    There is this particular virus, its tagged ‘BGSA upload’ i tried removin it,bt it would go and come back, sometimes it disappears from my memory card to my phone. I just bought a new memory card and its stil there. How do i remove it? I need an antivirus.
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  16. Jerico says:

    Bgsa upload how to delete this on my phone

  17. Jerico says:

    What can i use to delete this!

  18. Jey says:

    Hi frnz,dont be afraid of bgsa_upload.log…..we can delete it….
    Remove ur mem.card frm ur mobile n then reinsert it into ur mobile….then u can delete it…..
    If it is on phone mem.,switch off n on ur phone,then u can delete it…..
    Is this info useful???

  19. thiaguito2 says:

    A resposta e simples: delete as duplicatas normalmente. Vai sobrar um arquivo q nao pode ser deletado. Entao saia, retire seu memory card e coloque-o novamente. Agora va onde esta o virus e delete-o. Isso e um virus da web q envia seu historico da web para algum lugar entao muito provavelmente se vc tem internet no seu celular vai pega-lo de novo. Pelo menos ja sabe como apagar! (the answer is here but im too lazy to translate it. Do it yourself, ok?)

  20. ccee says:

    im using a nokia x2-01 and i also have the same BGSA upload txt files problem but what is irritating is that there is a new BGSA upload txt file everyday in my memory card. How do i unsubsribe from receiving such irritating files?

  21. Akash says:

    Go to some shop and put antivirus and it will scan

  22. Christopher sandel says:

    Its not a virus m8 if u notice they are actually memory back ups these are mainly for phone updates so when u restore ure phone it knows what data to remove

  23. Juca says:

    Lei todos los comentarios pero no vi ninguna SOLUCION!!

  24. Juca says:

    Amigos encontre una posible Solucion En mi Nokia X2-00FUNCIONÓ.
    * Tienen que tener isntalado el “Nokia Ovi Suite”.
    Busquen la última Acttualizacion para su Equipo, sigan los pasos que le dicen luego de 5 min, notaran varios cambios en su equipo.
    Dirijanse y eliminen el BGSA_upload.

    OJALA LES AYUDE, quise comentarlo.

  25. Arun says:

    How to delete bgsa upload from nokia x2

  26. Arun says:

    It is better to reinstall phone software to remove bgsa upload from ur phone

  27. Digital Games says:

    Yo les explico, el archivo bgsa no es un virus, es un archivo que deja el sistema del Nokia (por ejemplo) C3 como especie de un parche, si algunos de ustedes han jugado con algun emulador de nes, snes, gba entre otros, notaran que al salvar partidas, deja un curioso archivo tambien, (por ejemplo) un .sav el problema de estos nokias como el X2 y el C3 es que este archivo se supone debe guardarse en la Memoria externa, (la micro SD) de forma oculta como solian pasar en los nokia anteriores, no obstante, el archivo se guarda en forma de txt lo que lo hace visible en la memoria, suele clonarse el archivo al encender el cel de nuevo ya que deja otro backup del mismo pero con fecha actualizada, como el anterior es ya viejo, ese si ya se puede borrar. Si, es molestoso ver esos archivos ahi en la memoria del cel, pero debemos tolerar eso, ya que es de alguna u otra forma un glitch que la nokia no llego a notar, pero descuiden, no causa daños estos (bgsa) son solo un backup que deja el celular en la memoria, espero les sirva de ayuda.

  28. Digital Games says:

    Trad: English.
    I explain, the BGSA file is not a virus, is a file that makes the Nokia system (for example) C3 as a sort of a patch, if some of you have played with some NES emulator, snes, gba and others notice that the save games, also leaves a funny file (for example) a. sav the problem of these Nokia as the X2 and C3 is that this file is supposed to be stored in external memory (micro SD) so hidden as they used to happen in the previous nokia, however, the file is saved as txt making it visible in the memory, the file is usually cloned cel light again as it leaves another backup of the same but with updated date as the former is already old, that if it can be deleted. Yes, it’s annoying to see those files there in the memory of cel, but we tolerate that, because it is in some way or another nokia one glitch that I fail to notice, but neglected, not harm them (BGSA) are just a leaving the backup memory cell, I hope they might help.

  29. kittu says:

    i have the same problem with my x2 phone. what will i do to remove this? please help me cause i really dont know what to do? BGSA upload is stil staying. when im trying to delete it sometimes my phone turn off automatically. I try to remove it. But i can’t. i think this virus making my phone worst..please help

  30. Santhosh says:

    My mobile nokia x2 BGSAupload was showing it is virus . Or i want to now how to remove it

  31. Anish t babu says:

    I am also sfrng the same prblm.hw cn i dlt dis?pls hlp me

  32. Suwilanji Sam says:

    Hi evry1!pliz help me,is the BGSA upload a virus?and hw cn i remove it my phone,Nokia x2?pliz pliz send me an email,thnk u.

  33. Sra. Cullen says:

    Yo le encontre la solución, lo unico que hize fue colocar la tarjeta de memoria en otro celular y desde allí eliminar el archivo BGSA. Cuendo lo puse en el otro celular ya no me aparecia ese archivo.
    Espero le sirva a ustedes también. Suerte!

  34. Sulfi says:

    I have restored my phone, but still BGSA upload is there in my phone, and am not able to remove it.

  35. Sulfi says:

    I have restored my phone, but still BGSA upload is there in my phone, and am not able to remove it. Pls pls help me

  36. Sunny thakur says:

    What is bgsa.i wants to remove this to my memory.

  37. Orlando orlando c :en face says:

    HOLA SOY de Perú TENGO UN NOKIA X2: Y SACARLE LA MEMORIA y BORRARLA EN OTRO NO SOLUCIONA NADA PORQUÉ AL APAGAR Y ENCENDErlo Vuelve; Es extraño porqué lo compré hace 8 meses y los 4 primeros meses no venía luego aparecieron esos archivos una opción sería no apagar el celular. Busquenme en face para hablar Con alguien que tenga un nokia x2 como (orlando orlando c)

  38. khaleel says:

    This is a system file not a virus

  39. Akash says:

    Is dr ny problem in updating my nokia x2 software from v08.25 to v08.35

  40. shabir says:

    i have E66 mobile. I have download yahoo messenger, but not working now.and i want to remove it but shows removing faild. And also disapaird memory card. How i can solve this problem.

  41. David says:

    This BGSA File is not a Virus, all you have to do is re-install Latest software for X2-00, then do not open FLICKR App from your mobile, FLICKR did this file and I wonder how should we stop this app for making these BGSA and FSB-something files…

  42. David says:

    Step 1: Remove Memory Card
    Step 2: Insert Memory Card, then you can now delete BGSA File
    Step 3: you should now try to reformat your phone by re-installing its software. (you should remove your memory card first before installing software)
    Step 4: when it’s done, you can now insert your memory card.

    The reason why we should reformat our mobile phone is because, FLICKR App, (or any App) is doing this BGSA file. Everytime you try to turn off your phone, then starting it up again. The file is still there, it keeps from coming. So after you reformated your phone, DO NOT OPEN THESE applications again, ESPECIALLY FLICKR

  43. ranjith ram says:

    me to having the same problem . how 2 remove BGSA andFGSA UPLOAD

  44. majk406 says:


  45. Jyothish says:

    I am using Nokia x2-01 mobile please remove my phone virus or tell me what can i do remove the virus

  46. john wanderi says:

    hay i have a problem with my phone Nokia x2-01 i bought new memory card,but is saving things which I don’t understand them,also when i download any thing to my memory card is not praying,it saying UNSUPPORTED FORMAT yet when i save it in my phone is praying well.i have tried to format it several times but after some time i get same problem.please advice

  47. Diana says:

    Remove BGSA virus in my phone nokiax2

  48. Diana says:

    Hi my phone Nokiax2 have a virus called BGSA help me to remove it because when i put my memory card through card reader the memory card it shows all files BGSA help me

  49. sonu kumar says:

    tell me

  50. believe says:

    my nokia x2 got virus. i cnt receive calls. open my contacts. even incoming mesages. pls help

  51. mukan singh says:

    my nokia mobile remove data

  52. AN says:

    Mar 10, 2011 @ 03:15:55

    Creo que encontré la solución pero necesito que me ayuden con una prueba: alguien a probado quitándole la memoria externa, formatearla y reiniciando el equipo sin ella para ver donde aparece nuestro famoso archivo protegido???

    Rta: le saque la tarjeta de memoria y lo reinicie, aparentemente anda bien, MIL GRACIAS!!! despues voy a ver que pasa con la tarjeta todavia no la formatee.

  53. Tejus says:

    Hi My Nokiax2 have a virus called BGSA Uploaded help me to remove it because when i Insert my memory card through card reader the memory card it shows some files like BGSA Uploaded

  54. Sangu says:

    my nokia x2 got virus. i cnt receive calls. open my contacts. even incoming mesages. plz help

  55. Sangu says:

    Hi sir my nokia x2 got virus. i cnt receive calls. open my contacts. even incoming mesages. plz help me

  56. Cure Sekeni says:

    I’m facing the same problem with my X2-00. Please help me.

  57. Munga says:

    My phone cant open some of downloded documents, ie idownlod Rz dvd creator, when i tried to open it, it shows file formate not supported. Help please

  58. ashraful amin says:

    i can’t reset my nokia x2-00 by code *7370# now please help me to reset my phone.

  59. Henrietta says:

    My Nokia x2-01 phone is affected with virus, how do i remove it

  60. john says:

    i want format this phone nokia x2

  61. Nitin tailor says:

    Hi sir and madam
    My mobile Nokia x2 i can’t every image click to camera and save to my file but i see the image 2no and 1 image deleting for aotometickly 2nd deleting plz help me

  62. OfansPaluseri says:

    No Coment

  63. Mercy says:

    I’m worried pls, what is the best solution for removing virus from my X2-01 phone?

  64. Ank says:

    My mobile nokia x2 contacts and messages not opening.what can i do?

  65. Luke ulaya says:

    my fon got same problems, same time when i download music i founddo found the same virus
    plz help me

  66. Mantu says:

    How to remove virus

  67. Pavitra Shettigar says:

    You can delete Virus named “BGSA Upload”
    Firstly remove your Memory card.
    Then Insert it again.
    Go to File “BGSA Upload” & click options & delete that file.
    It will get deleted.

  68. Thato rammekwa says:

    Aaag…gud people i jst bought ma side chick an x2 so she cum again 2me throghing it on me…she cnt delete folders & and it kips on syin memory full evin wen i put a memory card plz hlp2 reset it or myb its virus hw do i get rid of it?

  69. sudheesh says:

    Sorry for my english…you just remove ur memory card. then insert it in china made or indian made(eg.lava ,carbon etc.) handset.
    Open your memery card.
    You can see many unknown files and bgsa files there.
    From there u can easly delete undeleatable files……just a try……..
    Works for me ……good luck

  70. nishant says:

    Hey. Its been 2-3 months i’m facing this problem, whenever i insert a microSD card in my nokia X2-01 it reboots simultaniously, till i ejects the card. what to do? Should i concern to service centre.?

  71. Bolz Bkz says:

    How to format virus from Nokia X2-02

  72. francois makam says:

    yep! some sort of strange things i do experience as my was somehow affected with virus, i cant view my files and other program fully. one phone with a divided screen of different messages. honestly the steps to take is what i do not know. Lord help me!

  73. kapund says:

    Please Nokia help you customers, we are really suffering and tired of this virus/file in our phones !!!!!!

  74. kapund says:

    removing my memory and insert it back its work but it has left my phone affected by virus…. what hellllllll

  75. Ujjal islam says:

    Delete of My memory viruse

  76. Anselm says:

    I cant acces my games file.If i open it,my phone restarts automaticaly.can anyone help me?

  77. sangram biswas says:

    My 4GB mamory card not support my phone and show formet memory card .i do try to formet memory card but it show formet failed .plase help me some one.

  78. soumyo says:

    when i am remove memory card from my nokia x2 phone, phone was restart and delete automatically contact no

  79. hannah says:

    My nokia x2 has virus…so it shows…running out of space…i already delete many apps…till now
    It shows the same problem
    Because of this i can’t download any apps
    What is the solution for my problem

  80. Abel J Mwinyi says:

    My Nokia x2-01 can’t open contact and SMS also the internet is not working,please help?

  81. mozammel haque says:

    my nokia x2 got virus. i cnt receive calls. open my contacts. even incoming mesages. pls help

  82. yes says:

    I have problem with my x2-01 the first one is hot when i on it the battery just flat itself and other one do question mark whe i on it so i need help

  83. esmo says:

    my phone x2-01 can’t go to internet

  84. rubina says:

    hi .salam i have nokia x2 my mobile is not working from some days .x2 has not showing sim every thing is going to stops .when i charged it going to full charge but after some clocks it is again going to of .and and oping any thing mesage is coming its stop start is also stoped .how i make my mob whats it has problem plz tel me i m waoting for your good response.thanks

  85. Joha says:

    My Nokia x-2 mobile no opened contact so what can i do

  86. Agosu moses says:

    I cant see my contact

  87. paul says:

    My phone x2-01 is having problem with the blutooth when i on it, it will not on and i have restore the factory yet it does not work please what can i do.

  88. brenda says:

    my Nokia x2 got virus. i can’t receive calls. open my contacts. even incoming messages. please help

  89. Samy Gael says:

    How to format x2-01 ?

  90. Sodiq says:

    I gat a virus on my phone which does allow me to have access to browse and also hang my phone system[Nokia x2-02].

  91. Asnoil Fapy says:

    I cant go through my game files… handset is nokia x2-01

  92. P Kumar says:

    mobile cannot open when Airtel Sim is inserted