Windows Premium Defender Removal



Please help, a program called Windows Premium Defender attacks my computer. It is a laptop running in Windows 7. Anitivirus is installed but it seems that the virus has disabled it. Other than my antivirus, the malware also blocks other programs. Almost the entire software installed.

The pop-ups originating from Windows Premium Defender virus is so disturbing. My PC is almost useless and I cannot do anything but to closes each time the pop-up arises. Also, I can see a virus scan running on my taskbar. When I click on the icon, it will display the full screen of the ongoing scan by Windows Premium Defender. I cannot stop the scan process. It is slowing my computer.

I did run a couple of scan using my Avast and Spybot. Both software found dozens of threats and was able to delete them. The pop-up stops and everything seems to be working fine. However, after restarting the computer, the virus re-spawns. Windows Premium Defender will run once more and continue to upset me.

Presently, I am seeking for solution using my netbook computer. I hope anyone here can give me a complete guide for Windows Premium Defender removal. I am desperate now because dealing with this virus in two days is a complete mess. I have searched everywhere but found no working solution to remove Windows Premium Defender efficiently.


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