Windows PC Aid Removal



Hi there, my computer is infected with a malware called Windows PC Aid. It has overrun my computer and I cannot do anything but to watch how it destroys everything. First, it disables my antivirus program. When I run the antivirus, nothing happens and it does not respond to my command. Now, it is beginning to mess up my Internet. Whenever I did a search, Windows PC Aid will display a blank page stating that I cannot view the web site due to virus infection.

My system was infected when I execute an update for Adobe Flash. All the while, I think it was a genuine update, until I submitted the file to Virus Total and it detected it as Trojan.FakeAV.

What can I do now? I can’t access the Internet and programs are not allowed to run on my computer. Even if I can get a removal tool, I think I may not be able to run it because of this virus. Please advise me for an effective Windows PC Aid removal.


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